I think today im here to give credit where its due so im shouting out all my entrepreneur ladies doing their thing. Pinkchocolatehair is a company owned by my Bestie’s sister called Pam.Miss Pam is fierce ya’ll when i first saw her hair i was like wow”,’that hair looks just like Beyonce’s.Her curls were so curly and her make up was on point.I couldnt believe that she was indeed the one who did her own hair and makeup.This lady is talented and words cant begin to express how i love her work.Hopefully one day i’ll fly her out to do my makeup for my wedding whenever that is..Pam sells QUALITY(which i think is the word of the day)Virgin Indian hair.Most of you dont know what Virgin Indian hair is and assume remy is Virgin,NO,NO,NO i could sit here all day and tell you the difference but i’ll let Miss Pam fill you in..Check out her Youtube channel Pinkchocolatehair and also her website Miss Pam is located in the United Kingdom so all my readers out there you guys can definitely benefit from Miss Pam’s products.
On behalf of dutchessoftoronto we would like to wish all the best in all your endevours.

Pam CEO of pinkchocolate hair

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