Do onto others as you would like them to do onto you”

You must be wondering what is she ranting about this time?,bare with me soon you shall find out why im ranting and about what.We all know we were raised differently and its always been an issue with the under privileged people.Behaviors that others portray really show how they were brought up as kids.Especially Africans sorry to say their behavior baffles me.Lower class people were not taught how to be considerate of other people’s feeling and to be honest alot of you upper class tend to collect their bad behavior and think its alright to say insensitive things about people.

First thing why should you care about a person’s sexual orientation?,why should you employ yourself to ask this person which side they play for?Are you going to hook up that person once you know and how much is it going to benefit you?Fine you decided to take it upon yourself to find out if this person is a homosexual instead of privately asking said person you make it a point to humiliate the person infront of people they not familiar with.’Oh but here is the good one instead of having the balls to ask the “horse you decided you would much rather have a conversation with anybody that knows the person and make a mockery out of them.

When i was growing up my parents taught me to be considerate of others.There’s certain question by God i would never be able to ask someone or certain rumors.You gotta think how will the person feel after you’ve asked them this,would they still be your friend?,can you look at them in the face after you placed each other in a awkward situation?
Im sorry i know im placing blame solely on kids that werent instilled manners but seriously only mannerless people can be insensitive.There’s nothing cute about making someone feel humiliated.

My friend told me you cant mix with people that only handled fork and knives when they came abroad because the reality of it after a while the other person will always think you showing off coz you dress better than them,you speak better English than them,you have class and trust no money in this world can buy you that.Ask Diddy and his millions he still doesn’t have class.
For those of who you pride in making other people miserable if the tables were turned how would you feel?If you were put on the spot and asked a private question in public how would you feel?Learn to be considerate of other people’s feelings learn to hold your tongue and mostly don’t spread rumors, you hear something call the horse and ask them in private trust me that person will respect you so much.

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  1. I definitely do agree with you!A lot of people in our society tend to judge without having a one on one with the individual they speak about.Yo go girl..loving this blog..keep up the positive posts.People need to hear this!!!

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