Fashion for less

Who wouldnt invest in Zigi with a heartfelt message like this..

Yes these went home with me”

Christian Louboutin inspired for $39.00

Forgot the designer but they were going for $34.99

From the side they are sexy

Balmain Inspired Riri shoes

Lv Alma inspired retailing for $99.00

Lv inspired by Italian designer around $60

Christian Dior(original)$129.00

Hermes inspired made in Italy for $99.oo

Oversized clutch $12.00

long flowy dress for $50.00

Fashion for less;

Hello everyone i hoped you enjoyed the last topic and pictures from Nas and Zainub’s wedding.
I went shopping today getting ready for Caribana and naturally you know the Dutchess has to bring her A-game.I went to only one Store that has everything and an idea came to me since i was so vocal about pointing people that rock fakes why dont i show some of you the lesser priced inspired merchandise.I found Christian Louboutin inspired sandals,Hermes bag,Lv tote and even Balmain Riri” heels which i couldn’t pass up on…Also found some cool Christian Dior sunglasses retailing for 129 CAD now those i couldn’t cop for now lol!!went way over my means.

Trust me once ya’ll see the stuff i’m talking about you’ll agree that there’s cheaper versions that look exactly like the higher end stuff and come with a warranty if anything breaks or tears.Back in the days before my friend showed me this store where i can get anything from Jessica Simpson to Ysl,yes ladies i said Ysl original marked half price even 85% percent off never worn new off the rack.I used to go to them high end department store and get one dress for 400 dollars and only wear it once.Now with that 400 dollars i come out with 10 items from shoes to accessories.I can mix and match the stuff and get my moneys worth.
I cant speak for UK or anywhere else but in the states such stores are there one of them is Marshalls in Canada its Winners..I thank the lord everyday for Winners ,it doesn’t break my bank or cause me embarrassment i find classy things,sporty looks and even casual.

Sorry for the pictures being up and not the topic forgive me…Those are my find today if you in Africa you can always send a trusted friend to hook you up and send them back home.

2 thoughts on “Fashion for less

  1. am glad u showed this for all those people who didn't get the point the first time when you posted the article about fake purses and what not…..IT'S IGNORANT how people want to be real fake stuff when they can be real with real stuff that they can afford and look good with so people take notes and work with it….

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