The future is here!!

MC Bonde”Voice of Africa”

Mc Bonde “THE Voice of Africa” is a Toronto resident by way of Zimbabwe. Mc Bonde is not only an Mc but his the co-founder of Zonetradio an online radio. Bonde is currently gracing our local networks here, he told me his in the works to broadcast his shows online till then you can always listen to him on his radio show or if lucky like me you get to see him performing live! Bonde never dissapoints makes it a point to make sure you are always on your feet.

I asked Mc Bonde when all this started?

Bonde:I started MC’ing in toronto canada in 2005 after being a DJ since 1995 in Zimbabwe and here in Toronto as well. Becoz of my loud voice, MC’ing was the better gig for me as I was doing something different and something that a lot of pple either can’t do or will not do…that is acting crazy in front of a crowd. Being an MC has opened more doors for me, including a radio show on chry 105.5fm every Tuesday morning (10am to 12noon), a TV show on AMET-TV every Saturday (7pm to 8pm) on Rogers Channel 122 / Bell Channel 207 and also MC’ing weddings all over North America and recently a weddings in Johannesburg, South Africa and Washington, DC.

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The future is here!!


I sat down and really thought how to present the hot bachelorettes and bachelors, then it dawned on me its time to put the spotlight on young people doing positive stuff and who are under 30. Time for us to recognize the future moguls of our time!

Straight to the point, first up is Miss Sai from Hotlanta” GA.

Miss Sai is originally from Zimbabwe and ive known her since i was in the innocent years. Miss Sai was always striving for more never to back down from a challenge. Today Miss Sai is C.E.O of Dynasty la Famiglia. She’s a stylist remember that little number I wore for my bday?, Miss Sai hooked me up! Miss Sai referred as “SheDiddy”is a highly sought after entertainment manager and promoter.She’s hosted parties for Ne-yo,Luda,Kelly Rowland and so many more.

check miss Sai on twitter;

Sai my friend I see better things in the future and I salute you!

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DJ CNDO send a message lettin ya’ll know she will be
in Toronto Sept 5th at La Rumba night club Toronto
for Virgo bash!!
Its one of those events if you miss it then kill
yourself!Moonraiser entertainment the people that
brought you endless white parties have out done
themselves(free tshirt for me)I’ve always supported
them and they give me no reason not to!Tickets are
still available for $20 check out or
contact Tk Smooth 416 832 2205 and you can also
email me This event
is for everyone who enjoys house music and Kwaito!
See ya’ll then.

Ottawa: Nations capital

Papa Dutchess was in Canada lastweek for his annual seminars.How fortunate am i? I get to see my dad once a year. Last year he went to New Brunswick it was small but the locals were friendly. This year he went to the nations capital Ottawa unfortunately i got there at night and the next day he was leaving to Montreal i couldnt take enough pictures.we were staying at the Westin Hotel on Colonel by the drive and Rideau st. I took this picture as i was walking to the mall. I think its the parliement house?Anyone in Ottawa if im wrong care to correct me?

Dutchess of Toronto

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Swagg of the day"

My boy in London sent me this pic told me it was “London swag”. I think the style is hip,funky and daring. Confidence is a must otherwise the style will look terrible. Now i dont know how many guys would do this but i know with his dressing style and swag it suits him. Most of us opt for classic look you know basic cut or long hair straightened or curled. How many of you would do the Rihanna or the “Mc Hammer?

Dutchess of Toronto

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Global Vibez is surely the new African social network i created my page
today and i cant lie im loving it.
. Ma Zimba are doing great positive things and i think we
should support everyone who has joined.
log on and create your page today trust me you’ll thank me

tonite if you in Toronto check out club Wazobia
with Deejay Candyman spinning oldies,kwaito
and African music
Tauya kuipa!!
Enjoy your weekend everyone..
xoxo Dutchess

mrs its not my fault

Mrs its not my fault if he loves me:
I’ve always questioned why married men do what
they do?its dawned
on me that we have never spoken about the wives.
These overly loving creatures that think their wedding
vows are
stronger than Fort Knox. Who think their husbands are
like a nun in a church.I’m here today to address the
wives mabye we
can all have an understanding by the time I’m done.
Welcome to the world of cheating husbands where
they tell you the
most outrageous lies. They have small house after
small house and
what’s amazing is you(THE WIVES)believe it all.
You wives have one thing incommon you lack
confidence,you are
least attractive and you let your “husbands”walk all
over you.
You proudly boast how mistresses are sexual tools
but infact he
cheats to fill his empty life that he occupies with you.
You quit your day job sit at home with no ambitions
playing Suzy
home-maker you forget what perfume and make -up
is.Your. Attire
for day and night are his baggy sports clothes. You
think because
you bore him children that the war has ended and
you’ve won the
Poor man returns from a hard days work and you can’
t even make
the effort to look sexy and when he asks to make
love to you?
excuses and more excuses. When you do give him
and he suggests
other positions you shrug at the thought.
So when he finds a mistress why all of sudden are
you mad?why do
you direct your anger at her?,you questions if she has
if you had loosened some of yours he wouldn’t be
with her.
You fight her call her weird hours of the night and
when she finally
tires of you and starts telling how your husband is
there you
breakdown and play victim?
Please honeys if you don’t step up your game then
there’s ladies
that will babysit for you till your ready to play your

Dutchess told you so!
Sometimes Dutchess be on point with her little rants.
I told you money can’t buy class and ya’ll thought I was hatin,”uhh honeys I was just being real.

Kuna vijimambo nimesikia huko Bongo a certain someone catchin a feelin because someone tried to be cordial to them. Jamani if I see you and offer you something it doesn’t mean na kudharau or think you broke”
Wazungu pay for each others dinner all the time its just the way they raised it aint nothing to it.unafikiri Bill gates akinunuliwa coffee basi ataenda kunua Starbucks zima just to show he a billionaire?
What do you think when both rich people are in the same place do they compete to see who’s got more money?I don’t take sides with anyone but for once I’m on this person side its in them they were raised to be cordial and they cultured!go head boy”I got your back.
Check out this song on youtube,Money can’t buy you class by countess Luane.for those who watch realhouse wives franchise.
Lovelies I’m off to bed remember no matter how much money a person stumbles upon if he didn’t have it as a child its a done deal ask Frankie”(keysha’s mama)

Dutchess is back:
I missed everyone who reads my posts trust me I’m
on overload.well thanks to my trusted Crackberry I
can post topics on my phone yay!!
Gosh so what’s being going people?ya’ll must be
some scared readers because no one wanted to tell
me why they should win the pair of
email me instead
And help a sister out send tips,issues you wish to
discuss with me!

Let’s get to the point for all you Kwaito/house lovers
Dj Cndo-terminator is coming to Toronto september
5th at La rumba nite club Beverley hills and Jane.
tickets available through facebook and

Also check out Macapa wear they have a crazy sale
on all their instore merchandise check out their
fanpage on facebook Macapa and Macapalady wear.

I was walking around last sunday in downtown and
stumbled upon the Fetish Fair canada has prided
itself on being diverse and ” ooh trust me they are!”
I’m openminded but these people are pushing the
boundaries.I’ll try adding the pictures tell me if you
can dress like that in public?
Sorry guys I couldn’t upload the pics don’t despair my lovlies check out my fanpage to view the pictures you have to hit the “like button inorder to view them.

I went to my favourite store Winners and got these cute badgley Mischka heels,I would sell my soul to anyone that takes me shopping at winners.*pics @fanpage

Before I wrap it I saved the most important thing.
Kwa wale mliyesoma St Mary’s mnajua dada yetu Comfort amefiwa na baba yake naomba tumuweke kwenye prayers zetu.I was so touched to see the support watu wa Marys waliyompa and continue to give.kweli I’m proud to have been a st marys alumni.
May soul rest in peace Mr Levis..