mrs its not my fault

Mrs its not my fault if he loves me:
I’ve always questioned why married men do what
they do?its dawned
on me that we have never spoken about the wives.
These overly loving creatures that think their wedding
vows are
stronger than Fort Knox. Who think their husbands are
like a nun in a church.I’m here today to address the
wives mabye we
can all have an understanding by the time I’m done.
Welcome to the world of cheating husbands where
they tell you the
most outrageous lies. They have small house after
small house and
what’s amazing is you(THE WIVES)believe it all.
You wives have one thing incommon you lack
confidence,you are
least attractive and you let your “husbands”walk all
over you.
You proudly boast how mistresses are sexual tools
but infact he
cheats to fill his empty life that he occupies with you.
You quit your day job sit at home with no ambitions
playing Suzy
home-maker you forget what perfume and make -up
is.Your. Attire
for day and night are his baggy sports clothes. You
think because
you bore him children that the war has ended and
you’ve won the
Poor man returns from a hard days work and you can’
t even make
the effort to look sexy and when he asks to make
love to you?
excuses and more excuses. When you do give him
and he suggests
other positions you shrug at the thought.
So when he finds a mistress why all of sudden are
you mad?why do
you direct your anger at her?,you questions if she has
if you had loosened some of yours he wouldn’t be
with her.
You fight her call her weird hours of the night and
when she finally
tires of you and starts telling how your husband is
there you
breakdown and play victim?
Please honeys if you don’t step up your game then
there’s ladies
that will babysit for you till your ready to play your

3 thoughts on “mrs its not my fault

  1. I disagree with the above comment, you don't have to be married to talk about marriage, just like you don't have to be a chef to talk about food, or an economist to talk about global issues.For once i aggree with your comments Dutchess, I'm married and the situation you described is typical of my household, wife in Dira from morning to night, not getting any and when i do get it it's more like …just get it over and done with, i'm tired…as a result i don't really enjoy it. The temptation to look elsewhere is growing day by day and I don't know how long I can continue to look at the "positives" in my marriage and refrain from doing the dirty.

  2. I am a recent convert to your blog and i must say 'thumbs up' on this issue huummmmmm, i am not a wife (yet) i live in hope 🙂 but i must agree that we women get complaisant once we are in a long term relationship or get married but espcially the latter, like the previous commenter said "Dira all day the too tired to have sex." But I also feel men in general do not need an excuse to cheat, if it's on offer then they will hit it.

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