The future is here!!


I sat down and really thought how to present the hot bachelorettes and bachelors, then it dawned on me its time to put the spotlight on young people doing positive stuff and who are under 30. Time for us to recognize the future moguls of our time!

Straight to the point, first up is Miss Sai from Hotlanta” GA.

Miss Sai is originally from Zimbabwe and ive known her since i was in the innocent years. Miss Sai was always striving for more never to back down from a challenge. Today Miss Sai is C.E.O of Dynasty la Famiglia. She’s a stylist remember that little number I wore for my bday?, Miss Sai hooked me up! Miss Sai referred as “SheDiddy”is a highly sought after entertainment manager and promoter.She’s hosted parties for Ne-yo,Luda,Kelly Rowland and so many more.

check miss Sai on twitter;

Sai my friend I see better things in the future and I salute you!

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