Movie za kibongo ziko Juu

As much as we love Nollywood i think Bongo has nice movies i havent watched in years and hopefully one my readers can send me a link where i can watch hizi movie.Kuna rafiki yangu kanitag kwenye new movie inatoka and it looks like itanoga hiyooo.
I asked her to give me a description and here is what she had to say.
yap babe,basically its a love story..acted here in uk,by brilliant new stars that are emerging in the movie industry…..written and directed by geofrey kusila…acted by superb stars like Tecla Chitambo,Libe Msuya,Ben kinyaiya,and many more…its coming out soon.
I cant wait for the movie to come out nampendaga sana Ben and i remember him and Abbas from my days at Clouds Fm.Congrats everyone in the movie and i wish you all the best.

If anyone has any other movies that they know please email me at and i’ll feature it.
Pimped out BlackBerry:

I would love to thank that special person who introduced me to BlackBerries coz im addicted..I have four,A pink pearl and three curves 8530 actually one of them got damaged and i cried so much and my phone company gave me a new one..Yaay!!So i pimped out my white curve with a cool theme you should check out bb App World there’s lots of cool apps some you pay others are free.I have my Twitter,Facebook,Poynt,open table.Well to all those BB lovers here’s my pin add me and lets chat..xoxox Dutchess.321bd4e4

I added a cool cupcake theme

When i type its in pink…
Got this online rainbow keypads
I like this one too!!

Dutchess Give Aways free pair of heels

Dutchess is giving a free pair of shoes:

.I decided its time i got generous my friend bought a cute pair of Dollhouse heels unfortunately they were a size 8 1/2 and i wear a 9.My friend went back to the store and bought another pair ..How sweet eh?!Well Dutchie” has decided to give the size 81/2 away to one my lucky readers.Just tell me why you should win them and what you’ll wear with the lovely pair.Make sure to leave your Name or else i wont know how to announce the winner and attach an Email address.


interracial dating

Interracial dating trend?
As of 2009 i have noticed alot of African girls are gravitating towards white men.Is it a mere coincidence that they are finding love with the other race?Or everyone is after the new “it” thing? Are these women truly in love or they after the mix babies and long term care plan.I know there’s alot of girls who place standards that African cant meet and others have grown abroad so they don’t find it odd dating another race,BUT what about the other percent that has never set foot abroad cant barely speak English do you think they doing it for the right reasons?

This trend i think has prompted alot of girls to close down the doors on eligible black brothers and go to these men who can be as old as their father.I personally wouldn’t mind dating outside my race and but he has to posses the same qualities i would seek for in a brother.If i cant see myself with Uncle Mugisha*(made up name)why would i want to be seen hand in hand with uncle Larry?
I hear alot of these girls saying.”well these men provide money and they dont fuss like African men.Im saying if you have placed standards for yourself then you will find that same brother that buys you a Lexus and a house.

For those that are in interracial relationships and did it for the right reasons i applaud you ,i think you went for what you wanted and you wake everyday being happy at the decisions you made.Now for those who think White guys are just a meal ticket then you wrong my dear because after a while your intentions will be very apparent and he will make sure he toys with you till there’s nothing left of you then he’ll dump you for the next girl who fall victim to the lavish lifestyle.I urge my sisters not to make this a trend and show the younger generation that men from any race are worthy to date and not only “wazungu-warungu”.

Well those are my two cents whether received positively or negatively i have given my opinion to the matter.If you have any disputes you know where to leave comments.
Fyi I was reading the other day that many celebs in interracial relationships are either abused or not happy.Good example Mel Gibson can be heard ranting racial slurs at his wife.I had friend who i knew that had married a white girl and his only reasons was to get papers once they came out he would dump her and the kids and move on,Really??its sad but like i said these are my two cents. im off to a date now until next time.

Everybody jumpy around,jump around,Its Carnival”wow Caribana was so much fun jamani .Met up old and new friends.Saw some interesting costumes and some beautiful pictures.
Here goes the pictures.
DAY ONE:Friday night-Frequency

passed at my friends bday party

A.K Enterprise meets Dutchess

who remembers him?

my bro

beautiful girls

get down,get down

Spike Lee said what??

Ak Enterprise


sunglasses by Armani Exchange accessories by Ak Enterprise
Dress bought from a boutique chosen by Ak and Muhi

Muhi my love

Ak and the ladies

daytime swagger

me and my sweets