Greetings to all my readers and followers,First and foremost i would like to apologise for my lack in posting for i have been very busy and swamped with work.You know Bills and business have to be taken care of but i am back with this week’s recipe.And thank you to all the people who have called,emailed and facebooked me to inquire about my welbeing,i am fit as as a fiddle and i will get back to you all as for now here is todays instalment of A LA CARTE WITH MUHY…….
Beef is one thing i cannot live without like litteraly i am sorry to vegeterians and vegans but i love my red meat its tasty,fullfilling and just gets my tastebuds at the right spot.This is one of my favourite recipes and also many people who have come to try it with me and today i will share it with you..
1.1 kg of Sirloin steak

3.Green peppers
5.Black pepper

6.Dark Soy Sauce

7.lemon juice

8.olive oil

9.Beef seasoning



12.Maggi cube

13.Creole seasoning

Open up the meat and with a good sharp knife start cutting it into medium bite size pieces.next wash your meat well and make sure it’s clean and remover to remove as much fat as you can.Now on a chopping board cut your onions into slices(some people like small cubed but i preffer big slices they give out more flavour to the food).wash the green peppers and slice them into pieces also ready for cooking.next chop up the garlic and ginger together into small minute cubes or you can blend them in a blender o grate them into a paste.

Now in a pot put one to two spoonfulls of olive and put the stove on high to heat up the oil.then add your onions,garlic and ginger,let them brown for a couple of minutes whilst constantly turning them.Next put the Maggi cube,salt,creole seasoning,beef seasoning,black pepper and finally put the beef in and stirr to get all the flavours in.Put one teaspoon of dark soy sauce,followed by 2 spoonfulls of lemon juice. Stirr the beef and make sure all the flavours are in right and make sure the meat is brown and has colour in it.add some water and let it simmer on medium heat for 20 to 30 minutes whilest covered.

Constantly check it and when the there is a little thick sauce on it put the the green peppers and let the green peppers cook for about five minutes to eight.reason being you want the ttexture of the peppers to crunchy not too over cooked with just a bit of crunch in them.

Well you can enjoy it with any entre of your choice white o brown rice,potatoes its a very appetizing and so delicious.

I hope you enjoy and i like it the way i do it is truly one of my favorites after a short haitus i owed you all a good one..till next time….

The Mystery of Marriage life

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos.I’m sorry I took so long to post them.
So I’ve always wondered does the Sex change? I have alot of married friends and I also hear them talking about Sex!’yes for most of you I know its a taboo to talk about Sex but seriously?, We are old enough to talk about these things.
My Male friends always say that some Sex position they cant do on their wives and its only reserved for the outside jumpoff. My female friends say that they cant perform certain things especially ” singing to the mic” So that leaves what??what happens in these people’s beds?
I’m single and I enjoy doing all kinds of things ,’after all we need to have fun in bed or the passion will fizzle leaving our relationship boring..
I could be wrong but if before you married you were doing all these exciting things,why stop when you jump the broom?
Its hard maintaining a marriage and shouldn’t you do everything in your power to make sure you never fall out love with your partner?
No matter what people say Sex is very much tied to everything else in the relationship.If you aren’t compatible in bed then there’s no hope for the relationship to work.
Africans we believe you have to respect your spouse and that’s all fine and dandy but ain’t satisfaction one of them?Another complaint I always hear from married women is the lack of satisfaction” you know them getting theirs and not bothering to check if you got yours?”
Women getting scared to tell their husbands that they enjoy being stimulated instead they lay their and please their husbands because that is what their taught to do.
Truth is if everyone communicated with each other there would be a few infidelities cases.
These mistresses and pool boy would cease to exist.
I think as Africans should incorporate atleast 30% of white people mentality..These people talk about everything and when Mary is not happy ‘ooh boy they’ll seat down with Johnny and find ways to resolve their issue,Especially bedroom stuff they will seek counselling if they think it will help them fix their issues.Don’t be scared guys to talk about these things it doesn’t matter what he or she will think.Communication is key.

Open Letter to Hasheem Thabeet

So yesterday i logged on the blog i used to previously write for U-Turn and saw big wording;Breaking News Hasheem blaah blaah. So being the inquisitive
one I clicked to see what the news was all about,after all everyone loves a little gossip now and then and when i need my fix i go to MediaTakeOut,Sandra Rose and ofcourse U-Turn.
Well here goes the post that was featured;
After reading i was so impressed that “our own” didnt get himself a white girl..I follow Hasheem on twitter and immediately took to my Twitter. This is what i said :’HAHAHAHA JUST HEARD @HASHEEMTHEDREAM DECIDED TO GET AN AFRICAN GIRL STRAIGHT FROM TZ GOOD CHOICE BWOY YOU DID RIGHT FOR ONCE!
Im genuinely happy for this nigga and wishing him all the best! Little did I know i was about to embark on Twitter War with Hasheem Thabeet..
So he then replied this nonsense; @dutchessoftdot gossip blogs from the people who just wake up and says they wanna blog and do it just be’coz they have internet.
OOh dont think it stopped there he DM and accused me of writing shit coz everyone was writing and how do i know anything i could have asked for an interview..
So forth and so forth if I could copy and paste that shit i would but unfortunately I cant Blogger wont let me.
So I’m wondering where is this boy coming off sayin shit then I remembered atleast now I do that I had featured a story about Him…Let me tell you something Hasheem I dont write nothing im not sure of. You understand me partner??You came out of the news; a pseudo Singer claiming you Assaulted him I didnt wake up one day and decide to Dream that shit up.Secondly about the bar incidence hun I aint gotta be in Bongo to hear shit when that shit happened my reliable snitch was there and gave me the full details as to what happened! Thirdly now this crap about you shacking up with someone didnt come from me nor did i print that stupidity on my blog!Honey siwezi kupata umarufu na wewe you ain’t celeb mabye in your country but dont nobody know your backward country ass here!!If I wrote about Wade or Bosh and they twittered me that crap then goddamn I’ll be on my way to stardom..
I didn’t need to do an interview with you because you are insignificant and I would not care what is true or not. Whether or not you do or don’t ,you put yourself in that predicament where people will talk about you so live it with it!!Quit looking for escape goats.i.e Moi.
I wish you all the best in what you do and i get paid every time someone clicks on my blog ‘so i don’t just wake up and blog!!
Its hard being you but trust me you are in the spotlight and its going to get worse ask your teams mates they’ll tell you..I should be the least of your problems..