Black Ice Magic

Wabongo Get ready for Black Iced Magic party December 17Th in Bongo.
Apparently this lovely themed party is brought to you by JayGonga the guys who brought you all those “White parties” from Bongo to London! For those that are going to be attending you are being warned!Dresscode is strict and swagger is in full effect its so serious that if you lack putting on a decent outfit together then the
Promoters are Also selling clothes and have styles from Sweden’s Model (Bixou)”forgive me if I have the name wrong.So please msije kutia haibu nunueni Black clothes zenu!For those that are flying down from Abroad then remember its summer in dar and less is best meanin summer clothes!Marciano,Guess,Forever21,Charlotte Russe ,ArdenB, all deliver within a matter of days!If in U.k and you want the Avante Garde Look check out ,Debenhams and Topshop!Ladies Stingyness and selfishness aint cute if you have friends that are inneed of an upgrade help them seriously at the end of they day they are a reflection of you,so if she aint got swagger then your a** aint got swagger either!Please REFRAIN from doing anything Rihanna,Kesha,Nicki Minaj! I think we have enough Beyonce so ya’ll leave that position to those two obsessed Beyonce fans.#justsayin
Make-up please you aint bobo the clown check out Youtube there enough tutorials on how to apply make up check out PinkChocolat Hair she does make up and hair tutorials. THe EViL LaCEFRonts should be applied properly please and quit buying them straight bald lacefronts with no shape or baby hair WTFudge????
JAYGONGa wamesema kutakuwa na Fashion Police and I’m sending my correspondent to take pictures you know I’ma go hard on anyone who is looking like Mortisha,Vaquesha,Moesha LaQuisha…

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