‘the Myth about Ladies bathroom”

Theres always been a myth about ladies room especially for the boys.

This sacred place has been envisioned in so many ways, some say ‘the ladies bathroom has gold seats and little fairies ¬†sprinkling our bottom with the finest baby powder.. In reality its cold drab and nothing different from the boys.

Actually the boys bathroom is even better..If you frequent clubs like i do then youve been to millions of bathroom.Youve probably seen it all from bathrooms with full mirros and a cleaning lady to bathrooms that remind you of jail.But one things for sure the bathroom is dirty.

WHY??WHY in the world is the ladies bathrom always so nasty??

Arent these creatures supposed to be the cleanest why do you find blocked toilets ,tissue on the floor,Bloody sanitary pads unflushed doo doo.

Jesus! im sorry to use his name in vain but i’ve always wondered what happens?you get to the club early the bathroom is nice and clean 30 minutes later you cant even enter the place. What happens? can someone explain to me? Does it mean girls are dirtier than boys??

Feel free t chime in on this topic so we can get to the bottom of this and ways to fix the issue.I know its not only here in Canada i’ve been to different countries so I know it occurs everywhere.Dont be shy ladies lets hear it…


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World AIDS Day

On behalf of Dutchess and its Staff we would like to acknowledge this day!Today is World AIDS day let’s educate each other on how to prevent this deadly disease from wiping our entire race!
Let no man/woman tell you their safe” so you can sleep with them without a condom!
Get tested be in the know even if u have HIV there’s ways of living with disease there’s medicines that can help you maintain a healthy life.
Inform your partner if you have any sort of STD or the Virus.
Minimize your partners they abstinence is the best weapon to protect yourself, If you can’t condoms are available in stores,gas station,clinics(frEe) and don’t be shy to ask a friend and ladies its not taboo to have a condom in your purse you never when you will need to release.
To all those fallen ones who succumb to AIDS R.I.P