Weekend Mania

Pics taken at Moda Saturdays Yorkville Lounging

I’ve lost my camera since New Years day horrible I tell you we went for dinner at the four Seasons then we went to Epiquet Lounge by 120 cumberland Yorkville for those who dont know Yorkville is the Beverley Hills of Toronto. Afterward we headed to BlueNotes for Big Boy Party…SMH I’m yet to see the big boys of it…

Two weeks of dieting is it working??let me know guys

Pictures Courtesy of Global Vibez

Hasheem in TORONTO

So nimelala sahivi niko tayari kuongea kuhusu Hasheem’s visit to Canada. Jana the weather was terrible snow and baridi kama kawaida but wabongo who wanted to see “mbongo wenzetu” we went regardless.Nilipa my 190 cad for section 103 row 1 kwa kifupi it took me about 10 seconds kuwenda mpaka chini where they were playing I was that close. Nilisikia kuwa alipatia watu tickets za backstage and complimentary I think about three rows from where I was seating.Anywho Hasheem alikuwepo lakini had a bandage on his knee and an ice pack sijui kaumia prior to coming to Toronto lakini his was seated until 0.8 seconds 4th quarter aliingia akapunga I guess anapungia wabongo who were there and the bell rang the game was over and they won..He didnt get to play I was disappointed  coz I thought I would get to see his performance and understand how his game is. I guess will find out next year when he comes or gets traded to Raptors, now that would be crazy. After that we went to the private party hosted by them . Kwa kifupi I have no beefs to report or anything negative we spoke he knew who I was I knew who he was. I spoke to him explained my position and kwa kifupi water under the bridge people.. I just hope hao Memphis Grizzles give him more opportunity to showcase his game. And goodluck on your future endeavor   Hasheem…..

pictures coming soon


Please naomba  kama mna comment msitumie majina ya watu .Hii tabia ikiendelea kwa kweli mimi ntamuachia huyo mtu akusake mwenyewe malizane..So please msitumie majina ya wenzenu ku comment..Asante.

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Dutchess’s finds!!

So sometimes i’m a bit oblivious to whats going on around me. Yesterday I was on my daily search in China for hair ,”dont judge me them Chinese have good stuff and its reasonable. So I got my Indian Virgin hair in bulk for braiding purposes.I decided to  have a look at other things was thinking of having makeup or little samples to give out on the blog.As I was perusing the so called sites I stumbled on a few things that I thought might be beneficial and some that might provide cancer in the long run.

First up is Derma Roller;                                                                               A little tool with tiny needles that can supposedly help you eliminate Scar marks,acne,stretch marks this little tool will get you results in as little as 3 weeks depending on the severity of your condition.  I believe a product is worthy  if Oprah or someone reputable talked about it.Sure enough they had a discussion on The Doctors. If bought in China this little magic roller will set you back $5 for each needle size.In the first world you looking at spending $100 plus.

Thats how the Derma Roller looks like.Celebs like Angelina Jolie and Rachel Ray are known to use this little tool.

Skin whitening pills;

Aaah the Asian man is not playing I used to hear stories but never believed there’s a thing like skin whitening pills. The bad thing about the pills you dont know which one is reputable and which one is fake so I guess you order and wait fours weeks in dark skin to see the results.You have to gobble down 6 pills a day.”yeah no thanks but for those who do want this little concoctions just save up $4 a bottle and you’ll be looking like Micheal Jackson’s lost brother or sister.

I’ll reserve my comment btw the pills are called glow2thione .

Lacefront wigs;                                                                                             My first time wearing lace wigs was 2007 after I had researched the product for over a year.I saw alot good reviews and bad reviews how someone can sell you dog/cat hair and you think its human hair.When I got my vendor I was so happy his hair was good quality and he was professional.I used to see people selling them 500 even 1000 and I refused to dish out that kind of money for hair.My vendor charged me less than 200 for lengths up to 24 inches. I have moved on from Lacewigs and I’ve decided to grow my own natural hair and also I dont use remy anymore I use virgin hair.Its the best no tangling it comes unprocessed so you can put chemicals in it or leave it the way it is. My vendors name is Katie.Bear in mind ladies NO ONE I REPEAT NO ONE ever gives out their vendors name but since I love ya’ll and I moved on to greener pastures I dont want you guys paying hundreds of dollars when you can invest 200 for a quality lacefront wig. check them out on this site; http://www.qdnewstarhair.com/index1.html

Goodluck guys and if there’s any thing you  you need know about the hair email me or leave me a comment with your email address and I would be more than happy to answer your questions… Happy weekend


Guess who’s coming to town????

You must be curious wondering what im ranting about. So Mr Hasheem and his team the Memphis Grizzlies are coming to town on Monday.They’ll be playing our lovely Raptors.I have never gone to a game but I had to make an exception with this one.I also happened to be invited to a private party that Hasheem and his boys will be having here in Toronto hosted by one of my associates.I’ll be attending that too lol!! Yes people you can be guaranteed some footage.The only thing is Mr Hasheem coming to Canada can anyone confirm? I would ask him myself but we all know how that will go and while ya’ll confirm for me how about you get Mr Hasheem to put everything under the bridge and hook ya’ll girl with some Tickets…..



Well thank god all has come back to normal.I’ve been on my diet now for 5 days and the first days were painful but i’ve  gotten used to the headaches and dizzy spells. Also as the days progress im not that hungry anymore.I’m scared to weigh myself and i’m depending on my clothes if I can fit into my birthday dress without involving a clan then I know my diet is working.I still havent purchased my vitamin bs and Potassium to ease the headaches Hopefully by next week i’ll be injecting myself. My goal is not to be a size zero but a comfortable size 8 .I’m happy with my weight now despite what many of you might say but I would like to like I did before I had baby number 2.I’ve added a sample diet of what i’ve consumed this week including the bust yesterday two glasses of vodka and Cran..”Urghh so I’m upset but the whole of today i’ve been spending drinkin tons of water and tomato juice. I noticed alot of people were on some sort of diet this year and people are actually sticking by it way to go people I believe we can all combat the fat together.Speaking of together I think we should have a forum and check in on each other and see where we are in battle.Also encourage others who are finding it difficult to loose weight.

here is a sample of my diet

breakfast: 1 Apple and tea

lunch; Tuna with crackers alternate with Soup

dinner: 2 piece meat normally souvlaki sticks(kabab) with boiled vegetables with tiny four cubes of cheese just for taste. I normally drink a tea .Or 1 piece of chicken or steak with vegetables

Apart from the whole crackers I absolutely have no rice,pasta,bread,juice,milk no oil no margarine. I havent started incorporating egg whites but I want faster weight loss then I maintain it slowly. I hope it works this is the first time i’m being serious about loosing weight.

People not everyone looks good skinny just be a size that looks healthy Curves in the right places are sexy.

kwa wale ambaye kithungu zero nimeona niandike kwenye kiswahili pia .Nina siku tanno since nimeanza diet yangu.siku za kwanza ilikuwa vigumu maake kichwa na kizungu zungu na china zote nilikuwa nasikia.Siku zinavyoenda tumbo linaanza kuzoea na siskii njaa kama mwanzo. Mange anashauri ujipime uzito lakini naona mimi yatashinda niko so focused sahivi sihitaji kuona hamna mabadiliko nikakata tamaa.Kwa sahivi najipima na nguo zangu za zamani kuna gauni langu la besidei hilo likitosha basi najua kuna maendeleo.Sijaanza bado kujichoma sindano za vitamin b lakini by nextweek ntakuwa najichoma Vitamin b husaidia kwa upungufu pia inasaidia kukupa energy pale unapochoma inasemakana unaanza kuona mabadiliko watu wengi wanajichoma tumboni kwanza then wanahamia mapajani..Lucky for me Canada vitamin B zinapatikana bila prescription sijui kwengine huko na ukitaka daktari akuchome nadhani dola 70 kila unapoenda. Na wapongeza wote ambaye wameamua ku loose weight sio rahisi kama mnavyodhani. Pia sitaki kukonda kama model lakini hata size 8 inanitosha sahivi mimi ni 12 na pia 10 zinanitosha.

Goodluck ladies and gents see ya’ll at the finish line