Dutchess’s finds!!

So sometimes i’m a bit oblivious to whats going on around me. Yesterday I was on my daily search in China for hair ,”dont judge me them Chinese have good stuff and its reasonable. So I got my Indian Virgin hair in bulk for braiding purposes.I decided to  have a look at other things was thinking of having makeup or little samples to give out on the blog.As I was perusing the so called sites I stumbled on a few things that I thought might be beneficial and some that might provide cancer in the long run.

First up is Derma Roller;                                                                               A little tool with tiny needles that can supposedly help you eliminate Scar marks,acne,stretch marks this little tool will get you results in as little as 3 weeks depending on the severity of your condition.  I believe a product is worthy  if Oprah or someone reputable talked about it.Sure enough they had a discussion on The Doctors. If bought in China this little magic roller will set you back $5 for each needle size.In the first world you looking at spending $100 plus.

Thats how the Derma Roller looks like.Celebs like Angelina Jolie and Rachel Ray are known to use this little tool.

Skin whitening pills;

Aaah the Asian man is not playing I used to hear stories but never believed there’s a thing like skin whitening pills. The bad thing about the pills you dont know which one is reputable and which one is fake so I guess you order and wait fours weeks in dark skin to see the results.You have to gobble down 6 pills a day.”yeah no thanks but for those who do want this little concoctions just save up $4 a bottle and you’ll be looking like Micheal Jackson’s lost brother or sister.

I’ll reserve my comment btw the pills are called glow2thione .

Lacefront wigs;                                                                                             My first time wearing lace wigs was 2007 after I had researched the product for over a year.I saw alot good reviews and bad reviews how someone can sell you dog/cat hair and you think its human hair.When I got my vendor I was so happy his hair was good quality and he was professional.I used to see people selling them 500 even 1000 and I refused to dish out that kind of money for hair.My vendor charged me less than 200 for lengths up to 24 inches. I have moved on from Lacewigs and I’ve decided to grow my own natural hair and also I dont use remy anymore I use virgin hair.Its the best no tangling it comes unprocessed so you can put chemicals in it or leave it the way it is. My vendors name is Katie.Bear in mind ladies NO ONE I REPEAT NO ONE ever gives out their vendors name but since I love ya’ll and I moved on to greener pastures I dont want you guys paying hundreds of dollars when you can invest 200 for a quality lacefront wig. check them out on this site; http://www.qdnewstarhair.com/index1.html

Goodluck guys and if there’s any thing you  you need know about the hair email me or leave me a comment with your email address and I would be more than happy to answer your questions… Happy weekend


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