We Mafisadi whatever your name is leo umenitukana na kunitishia maisha yangu tena ukaniita Fat ass Sayyed on your comment.ukanipa 6 hours kufuta topic ya hao madada…Or else utani expose.Sikia mimi nakupa wewe 1 hour to delete your whole blog before I permanently disgrace you.Kama wewe unalakuficha close that blog and move on.Maanake not only do I have your IP address but I have proof unasemaga some few people vibaya.Now lets see who gets the last laugh today.

Ulinichokoza mwenyewe time to deal with my wrath…

Marekani pamekuwa pa moto

halala Marekani hapa kaliki tena..Mie Dutchess nishadakizwa kwamba kuna wabongo wanasakwa na ma F.B.I ..Mhh hao jamaa haijulikani kisa na mkasi kwanini wanasakwa na hao mapolisi but wameweka 10000 reward for anyone who can turn them in..Jamani sasa wabongo watachomeana mpaka basi kama unajijua huna makaratasi jikalie tu nyumbani maake wata make sure mnabanana wengi tu huko bongo….I hope whoever they are waji turn in maake tamaa ya binadamu ni kubwa sana msifanye mtafutwe mapanga na wabeba boxsi wahuko na viji greencard vyao….

Ladies enough is enough!!

Its bloody 2011 and folks should grow up sit at home and have some babies..Seriously yaani nyie mneshapita miaka 30 lakini bado mna mambo ya kitoto..So for how long will you two continue to send each other subliminal messages through your blogs?You obviously feel your career and lotion is booming why make it a point to let M know that she’s contributing to your sales??’ooh the one that killed me was how you pretended you didnt know who “mama Bhokinzi” was Child please google Mama Bhokenzo and you’ll see one of many pictures of your Arch Nemesis.Thats goes for you too Missy you have a wonderful life beautiful children a great husband and you know it, must you make it a point to compete with this girl?..Honestly of all the girls why her?M let me give you a scenario if you wanted a new car and there was a Camry and a Cayenne and the Camry kept shooting insults and trying to compete with the Cayenne.This luxury car would just stand there without turning its engine on and it will win the battle.”you know why?,1.They are not manufactured at the same factory.2.They weren’t made for the same social class one is for peasants and the other  for the privileged ..Before you turn Cayenne into a Pinto carefully consider who you pick your battles with.Some people tasted foie gras at a late age. I think this beef is childish and pointless.madada I’m sorry i’m a straightforward person lakini you two shouldnt be fighting hamjatoka kwenye same social class i’m sorry it is what it is…moja anajishusha haadhi mwingine anapata ujiko  na we TK a little advice if you cant beat them join them..Mama Bhokenzo is ruthless and her minions follow her religiously its one battle you will never win..Y ou know what they say women lie,men lie but numbers dont compare site stats and see who pulls in more fans!!

Baby on board for Nancy Sumari

Okay Thanks to Mange for publishing this one coz when I dissect it I dont want another Hasheem incident..So Miss Sumari is pregnant??Well if indeed she is congrats to her babies are a gift from God..Whats disturbing though is the article..If indeed she is why in the hell is she disclosing the fact that her baby daddy is a married man? Am I the only one who found that ish rather disturbing?I mean when I wrote about Fake hermes the lady went on a tyrant now she’s telling the world that she’s a concubine? I thought she was a sweet church fearing lady.’Well wasnt I wrong..I guess its true what they say dont judge a book by its cover ..And if this story is not true then I’m apologizing in advance but still I hope its not a publicity stunt..Once again congrats

Oh just tried to search for the article and it seems it has poofed!! Either way everyone read it and now knows if it aint true then will wait for Miss thang to make a statement…