Open Casting Call

Ladies of all shapes and sizes I’m having open casting for a Nigerian Movie this saturday feb 26th at 10 A.m We shooting a Naija movie party scene and would like ladies to come wearing the best night outfits. Food, unlimited drinks will be available and you will be compensated for your gas.. Call me Dutchess 6479215092 For more details… By the way al ethnicities are welcomed..

Boost of Confidence…..

I cant begin to tell you guys how good I feel about myself. Lol, my friend is tired of me constantly talking about how I look … I’ve maintained my diet for a month and even though I have my moments I’m very strict about what I consume during the week. People have told me they can see the difference and its such a huge boost on my confidence … I walk more proudly and dont hesitate to show off now. I ordered clothes from a Uk company and I accidentally ordered a size 12 Uk-8 Us guess what?? “It fits yes people and it was even loose mabye thats the style but it didnt make any sense… but I got so many compliments on my ensemble.. Last night I wore jeans and Tee and my friend  joked  if I bathed with a special soap its like I had this scent that was mesmerizing all the men   and even male friends were complimenting me.. I feel wonderful and I’m not stopping with my diet its a great lifestyle choice and I intend on going until I get to my desired weight goal. Remember people it didnt take one day to pile up the weight so dont expect to loose weight drastically in a month..

On the flip side Mama dearest is touching down on Wednesday I cant wait , I havent seen my mom since I moved to Canada and I miss her terribly cant wait kudeka…

Valentine’s day gifts

Like I stated before I’ll probably be watching Hawaii Five-o and chilling back on V-day… Earlier in the day took a stroll through the mall and ended up buying an Ipod . I was so tired of getting on the long subway ride and not having something to do.. After that I got myself a cover for my bb , I dropped it several times and the top part came off 😦 I wasnt about to spend 400 to buy a new phone so I bought a cover and now it looks as good as new.

On my way I saw something and out of impulse diverted another route. Here is the main thing that I got for vday

Im a proud Gemini and its time to let the world know. “I’m really getting addicted but the lady’s hand was so heavy and she put a hurting on a sister I might have to chill out for a while…