Boost of Confidence…..

I cant begin to tell you guys how good I feel about myself. Lol, my friend is tired of me constantly talking about how I look … I’ve maintained my diet for a month and even though I have my moments I’m very strict about what I consume during the week. People have told me they can see the difference and its such a huge boost on my confidence … I walk more proudly and dont hesitate to show off now. I ordered clothes from a Uk company and I accidentally ordered a size 12 Uk-8 Us guess what?? “It fits yes people and it was even loose mabye thats the style but it didnt make any sense… but I got so many compliments on my ensemble.. Last night I wore jeans and Tee and my friend  joked  if I bathed with a special soap its like I had this scent that was mesmerizing all the men   and even male friends were complimenting me.. I feel wonderful and I’m not stopping with my diet its a great lifestyle choice and I intend on going until I get to my desired weight goal. Remember people it didnt take one day to pile up the weight so dont expect to loose weight drastically in a month..

On the flip side Mama dearest is touching down on Wednesday I cant wait , I havent seen my mom since I moved to Canada and I miss her terribly cant wait kudeka…

2 thoughts on “Boost of Confidence…..

  1. I just love when people have great relationship with their parents. My mother was here with me not too long a go for a month and it felt like just hours. I can just sense how much you love your mum. Enjoy sweetie and you look very cute !

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