Facebook is definitely turning into a stalkers galore. People have gone to the extend of using fake profiles to snoop around people’s fb content. I remember when Utamu first surfaced alot of us set our profiles private at orange alert. You cant search my personal facebook only thing you can is poke me. I have a group and  Page for people that aren’t close to me can view all they want and also see contents about my blog. As of recent I noticed my friends adding one person I figured mabye someone decided to join facebook but I’m kinda surprised they dont have alot information and the picture looks like a model pulled off Google. I have 15 friends in common with faker and even after realizing its fake you would think people would remove themselves?”No everyone is comfortably adding this person. My conclusion is lot of you folks are desperate to have large groups of friends and also seeing an attractive woman you want your friends to think you know all the hot girls. But guess what, you dont know how serious those actions can cause you.. be vigilant always make sure you’ve met the person before you add them and friends in common shouldn’t be the only reason you add someone. Ask the person who they are and if they dont respond delete them asap. I have warned a few people but its gone on deaf ears I guess will see what happens now…

Valentine’s Day bah humbug

So Valentines is fast approaching and already people are going buck wild trying to buy gifts for the loved ones and special friends.I’m not sure I understand the concept of Valentines but let me see If I can break it down.

So for one day cheating husbands,boyfriends ,lovers and more pretend to showcase their love by buying roses,chocolates or even expensive gifts. So for one day only you get to feel special and pampered for others they will have to share that day with the other women,baby momma.

I remember two years ago my significant other at the time woke up and made me lunch and cleaned the house and was the sweetest thing till 10p.m came and he transformed to the asshole he was. He dressed up and left to go out leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. let me quote him,”Well honey atleast I  spent the whole day with you and cooked its time for me to go out with my friends.”What are you serious??thats when I knew this holiday was nothing but a gimmick .This year I’m not expecting the roses,cards or dinner .I’ll be at home watching Hawaii five-0 while millions of you get serenaded for one day only…

If Valentines was that great I think men and women will make an effort to celebrate it everyday I mean after all aint that what love is all about??

Happy valentines to ya’ll

My babies are here

So for sticking to my diet I went and got myself some Rock & Republic pumps with studs on the front.I first stumbled upon Rock & Republic on a post I saw on Fashionjunkii, Brandy rocked the ones with studs allover now since I dont pretend there was no way I was going to purchase a $400 dollar shoes “uuhh I’ma wait till it goes on sale then cop that fool… Lol!!

You can check it out on i bought mine for $199 I could have waited but I was scared someone else might have bought it.

2 week mark

Its been 14 days since I began my diet. Its really difficult especizlly weekends when alcohol is involved but Ive hung in there. The results are not dramatic but you can definitely see a difference especially people noticing you are loosing weight..I love that I feel extra motivated to keep going on..I havent stepped on a scale and im not intending on doing that for me it was physical rather the numbers. If my dresses fit without doing the Harlem shake then im loosing weight. Today I decided I finally need to start the vitamins things gosh its been too long. So I bought both my b6 and b12 the B12 I took home the B6 will be available tomorrow. Mind you I know nothing about administering injection but I trust the world internet..I took to youtube and google and saw and read. I decided what the hell thank god vitamins cant kill you so I cant really hurt myself. I loaded my injection cleaned my spot and injected myself on the stomach area below the navel. It stings a little bit but after that its smooth sailing. Since I started on Tuesday I’ll be doing Tue,Thur and Sat hopefully I dont forget to do it on saturdays.. This week my diet has changed Im having seasoned tuna in a can with crackers lots of soup and meat with vegetables..

In another two weeks I’l be taking a pic I hope there’s  bigger difference.