Zimbabwean girl in hot soup after she accidentally sends out a sex tape to her friends!!

A couple of days ago facebook was on fire with a couple of people ranting about a girl  caught in a compromising situation. See ol’ girl was trying to defend her bipolar and she sent out an email with a video proving her sanity.Little did miss thang know that the video she sent out was not of her taking a pyschological assessment but rather of her pleasuring herself.. Miss thang is heard at the end saying,”Im little naughty girl!” and I say yes you are girl shoo..

Aint nothing wrong with what she did hell pleasure all you want the one thing I always say is never ever record yourself or take pics trust me one day they’ll come back to haunt you.In Her case she actually sent   the video  in haste to prove she aint crazy. Well girl I dont know about you but I think everyone thinks otherwise now!  Snapshot from the video,

Nucci to cost you a hefty $1000USD

Thank you Jesus!!! Councilwoman Chin of NY has brought up a bill to fine anyone $1000 cold gwaps for anyone purchasing fake counterfeit designer items. Ms Chin would make it a misdemeanor so on top of dishing out a 1000 bucks you’ll also have a record.. Cant wait for this bill to pass so folks can stop abusing us on Facebook with their fake loubous and Nucci bags… SMH just save up and buy real or just wait to get caught and pay 1000…Bloody Paigons why pretend to be something you aint?dont you know you are offending our eyes with those cross stitching and glue coming out the sole…You think we cant see the inside clearly says MADE AT THE BACK OF MY TRUNK”….       Wabongo mnayo enda huko Ny kujifanya mnaenda shopping mtaharishe kabisaa dola elfu moja zenu lasihivyo tutawasikia kwenye habari,”mBongo ashikwa akinununua kitu feki..haloooo mambo ndo hayaaa…

Bogus refugees from Namibia

Yeah if im the only one who’s noticed that within 6 months a club is filled with Namibians then ya’ll are fools. Apparently the Canadian government has noticed more than 400 Namibians have entered their country and are now suspecting a African Alien smuggling ring”,OOH LOLO its about to go down forreal..As for you Nigerian paigons who were inquaring about the Namibian passport I think you should think twice  before we see you guys on CP24.

Attached is a full story courtesy of TorontoSun and CiReport.ca

PASSPORT fraud is suspected in an apparent sudden surge of Namibians seeking refugee status in Canada, The Namibian was reliably informed.

A report in a Canadian newspaper, Toronto Sun, said that more than 400 Namibians have sought refugee status in Canada, which has prompted suspicion of an “African alien smuggling ring”.
It went on to say that officers of the Canada Border Services Agency said that as many as 10 to 15 Namibians at some nights arrive at the Pearson International Airport to file for refugee status.
So far this month, the newspaper said, there has been 103 refugee claimants.
A source in Namibia told The Namibian that “some people” are at work providing fraudulent Namibian passports.
He also said that the problem is much bigger than what the figures from the Toronto Sun suggests.
“This is a blot on the name of Namibia,” said the source, preferring anonymity, arguing that Namibians, who do not require visas to enter Canada, could be punished for the fraudulent activities of what appears to be the work of a syndicate.
The source said steps are being taken to clamp down on the fraudulent activity.
The Canadian newspaper said most of the so-called Namibians are arriving in Canada from Paris and other European cities on Air Canada and Alitalia flights.
Airport officials there are reportedly suspecting that smugglers are paid to coach Namibians on what to tell the Canadian authorities when they arrive. These Namibians reportedly allege that they are fleeing “traditional issues” that include violence against lesbians, female genital mutilation and forced marriages to older men.
The Commissioner of Refugees in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Nkrumah Mushelenga, questioned the report, and described the claims of the so-called refugee seekers as questionable.
Mushelenga said the ministry is consulting with all the necessary stakeholders on the matter, adding that investigations are in full swing.
Namrights executive director Phil ya Nangoloh warned Namibians not to become victims of human trafficking syndicates that lure them away with promises of jobs or other offers that sound too good to be true.
“They must report it to the Police or to Namrights,” advised ya Nangoloh.
Ya Nangoloh said while human trafficking and gender-based violence are on the increase in Namibia, the reasons proffered by the so-called Namibian refugee seekers seem improbable.
“These are just excuses by those who are trafficking people to get unsuspecting victims to countries like Canada,” proposed ya Nangoloh.
There was a former case of a Namibian woman seeking refugee status in Canada who claimed that she was a member of the Caprivi Liberation Army. 
“She only made up this story to look appealing to the Canadian authorities for refugee status,” said ya Nangoloh. “These are lame excuses used for human trafficking,” he suggested.
Quoting a US State Department report, the Toronto Sun wrote that Namibia is a “source, transit, and destination country for children trafficked for purposes of forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation”.

Breaking News!!!!

Nasikia supermodel wetu slash Video girl amerudi bongo for good. Haya ni ya ukweli jamani?Nasikia ameamua kurudi bongo kuolewa na bwana wake na tayari amevishwa pete ya ndoa. So far this is all substantial hizi habari zimetoka Houston nazina weza kuwa siza ukweli if kuna wadau wanajua basi tuelezeni.. By the way im sucker for gossip especially if it involves our bongo celebrities…

**And congrats on your engagement girl…**


I normally talk about a lot of things and forget to update you. Well as for the diet gosh its been really hard and I commend everyone for sticking to their plans. I fell off the wagon but as of tomorrow I’ll be back on the shots and taking slimquick in conjunction with chinese green tea ,yep guys if you hear I’ve been admitted to hospital don’t worry I’ve probably overdosed on the diet combo.

Secondly the story I told you about my friend and how she was confused well.she got the dude and no lie things have been hella rocky.I dont think she thought it would be this hard but she’s hanging in there. However there’s an issue with the both of them lack of transparency. What that means is they hardly call each other and none of them inform each other about their whereabouts.This is actually more common on the guy’s side. His not romantic doesn’t express his feelings and doesnt even take her anywhere. At this point my friend is seeing maybe it was a bad idea and she wants to know what to do?Should she suck it up and hope for the best or run as fast as her legs can take her??

Did I mention how much she likes the guy.He makes her laugh their chemistry is beautiful in their minds they have twins already , but like I said she doesn’t know how to relay her feelings to him and she’s also scared to be intimate with him in case he shuts her down. Gosh I wish I could help but I’m seriously not in a position to do so maybe you guys can help her??

Q & A; time!!Kiswahili and English

Hey guys I trust everyone is having a fun filled easter? Ive really lost the essence of holidays but thats another topic all together.                      I have a question and its something thats been bothering me partly because theres alot of version to this story and the truth is really not known,well to me anyway.                                                          Okay so guys and girls I need your help.Why do some guys ejaculate prematurely? By that I mean like what Missy elliot said 1 minute. What happens ,is the girl to blame?People say well that means she has a good vajay vajay”,others say well the guy is weak blah blah. I want to know from you guys what happens and how do you stop it?

Jamani imebidi niongee kiswahili wengi wenu mnalalamika huwa siongei kiswahili.sasa mimi nina swali ni nini inasababisha mwanaume kuja haraka yaani ile deka moja kashamwaga”watu wanasema demu anakuwa na kitu kitamu,wengine wanasema mwanaume hana nguvu ndomana anakuwa hivyo.Nyie mnaonaje?

***** UPDATE: kwa sasa unaweza ku comment bila kuandika email address naombeni tuwe na heshima.                                                                       You can now comment without putting your email address lets not abuse it…