Bogus refugees from Namibia

Yeah if im the only one who’s noticed that within 6 months a club is filled with Namibians then ya’ll are fools. Apparently the Canadian government has noticed more than 400 Namibians have entered their country and are now suspecting a African Alien smuggling ring”,OOH LOLO its about to go down forreal..As for you Nigerian paigons who were inquaring about the Namibian passport I think you should think twice  before we see you guys on CP24.

Attached is a full story courtesy of TorontoSun and

PASSPORT fraud is suspected in an apparent sudden surge of Namibians seeking refugee status in Canada, The Namibian was reliably informed.

A report in a Canadian newspaper, Toronto Sun, said that more than 400 Namibians have sought refugee status in Canada, which has prompted suspicion of an “African alien smuggling ring”.
It went on to say that officers of the Canada Border Services Agency said that as many as 10 to 15 Namibians at some nights arrive at the Pearson International Airport to file for refugee status.
So far this month, the newspaper said, there has been 103 refugee claimants.
A source in Namibia told The Namibian that “some people” are at work providing fraudulent Namibian passports.
He also said that the problem is much bigger than what the figures from the Toronto Sun suggests.
“This is a blot on the name of Namibia,” said the source, preferring anonymity, arguing that Namibians, who do not require visas to enter Canada, could be punished for the fraudulent activities of what appears to be the work of a syndicate.
The source said steps are being taken to clamp down on the fraudulent activity.
The Canadian newspaper said most of the so-called Namibians are arriving in Canada from Paris and other European cities on Air Canada and Alitalia flights.
Airport officials there are reportedly suspecting that smugglers are paid to coach Namibians on what to tell the Canadian authorities when they arrive. These Namibians reportedly allege that they are fleeing “traditional issues” that include violence against lesbians, female genital mutilation and forced marriages to older men.
The Commissioner of Refugees in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Nkrumah Mushelenga, questioned the report, and described the claims of the so-called refugee seekers as questionable.
Mushelenga said the ministry is consulting with all the necessary stakeholders on the matter, adding that investigations are in full swing.
Namrights executive director Phil ya Nangoloh warned Namibians not to become victims of human trafficking syndicates that lure them away with promises of jobs or other offers that sound too good to be true.
“They must report it to the Police or to Namrights,” advised ya Nangoloh.
Ya Nangoloh said while human trafficking and gender-based violence are on the increase in Namibia, the reasons proffered by the so-called Namibian refugee seekers seem improbable.
“These are just excuses by those who are trafficking people to get unsuspecting victims to countries like Canada,” proposed ya Nangoloh.
There was a former case of a Namibian woman seeking refugee status in Canada who claimed that she was a member of the Caprivi Liberation Army. 
“She only made up this story to look appealing to the Canadian authorities for refugee status,” said ya Nangoloh. “These are lame excuses used for human trafficking,” he suggested.
Quoting a US State Department report, the Toronto Sun wrote that Namibia is a “source, transit, and destination country for children trafficked for purposes of forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation”.

15 thoughts on “Bogus refugees from Namibia

  1. OMG….this is just the beginning..Namibia bye bye!!!!
    I don’t care for the women, for the music and their sense of style…LOL…my bad but its just too many people from the so-called Namibia coming to Canada especially Toronto….Canada Immigration better do their job …coz it seems this is just the tip of the iceberg!!!!!

    1. I agree with you to a certain degree. I dont know why they want to come here if I could trade places with them I would in a heart beat trust me..But Canada Immigration has already started doing something about it apparently some of them arent qualifying for welfare or free legal aide.

    2. Dear dutches of Toronto and your so called friend named “NK”

      it’s sad to see that our fellow African’s who might have now gotten their “papers” now put them self at a higher pedastal, lets all think back when zimbabwe/tanzania NIGERIA(men)/ ghana all came fleeing to canada in search for a “better life” , i think thats your plight here too. we as africans shouldnt put each other down but instead try too build one another.

      in your case its really sad that you and your “friends” would put others down like this. do your homework before you come start talking about things you clearly know nothing about! yes you you quoted it, but i don’t know why it its such a concern to you all?

      i am proud too say i am a proud NAMIBIAN CANADIAN CITIZEN and i come from that “so-called” place you all seem to question! lets not be quick to judge, ” take the splint out of your own eyes before you try to remove someone elses”

      1. AMENNN!!!! some people need to be reminded of what levels they are sitting on!!! and IGNORANCE is yours

      2. Do not forget the main point. Who is a Refugee? I think there are information about it, on the official website if they are within the parameters of the Refugge, so they deserve it,.
        but if it does not, so they will not succeed.
        1,000 people of a country running away hummmmmm. (being in war).

  2. u idiot dutchess or whatever u call urself,u came to canada as well 4 better living an what make u different from the new immigrant……can u tell us big mouth as well as we knw u re still a refugee claimant.go and fuck ur self

  3. You are sic…real sick…talking about Smuggled Africans and how you want them out…you are disgusting….everyones looking for a better life why does that bother you?… You’d be amazed how many Great people were once just refugees…Too many Namibians in Canada? Are u effin real?…Get a Life really! Do you own Canada you sick bitch?…you dont have to be white to be racist..and im White African and im bothered by your statement, I feel bad for those people struggled to get there, you dunno wot hteyr runnin from.. than poking fun at the situation… You should be ashamed of yourself..wat kind of Blog do u run? Seriously?
    Anyone who supports your Sorry Uneducated, unschooled shallow mind is just too sick and disgusting… You’d think Africans would know better
    Thank you and Goodbye..

    1. Sorry exactly what are your frustrations?If you had taken the time to read my blog and not the title then you would know that I copy and pasted a topic from but seriously I dont need to justify anything to you..Thank you and Goodbye

  4. Hey Dutchess, I wonder from where comes the bad moods of the peeps who comment and bitch about you reprinting an article you found. I thought it was an interesting article, and its a hot topic of discussion in Nam too. People I chatted to were shocked they can claim danger of “FGM” as it has never been heard of in Nam, don’t Canadian officials check anything? I guess not.. I also wish immigration was a lot easier for everyone as we all need a life, but I think of all the honest people who would love to move too. Anyway, don’t be put off by the bad moods, and keep writing cos blogging is great.

  5. hi ther same of the staff are true….. yes we are forced to get married to older man …… yes in the ovaherero tribe u get married to our cousins…. yes in same tribes no lesbians and gay are allowed one will be treated like an outkast one is not free one will be looked at and say what they want becouse we dnt want to show disrespect to ourelders we just flee

    1. Can you not move other place within in the same country?. If u want to married here in Canada , can you marry with a guy for other country or race like Spanish or Asian, or you need married with some one for your country or you tribe. because i heard 2 girls to say that they are waiting for boyfriend from there and heard other said is shame for her If don’t married with guy the same country and tribe , they live in Toronto. is confused for me?. can you explain to me and you know what means refugee.

  6. This is exactly why Africans are where why are today, have a look at the Indian community in Toronto or the Chinese community they will support their own be it business, with immigration or schools. It is sad that as African’s we choose to belittle,envy and destroy. The judges that sit on the Refugee Board of Canada are hand-picked highly educated individuals I am certain they can weed out the false claims. I personally know of women from Namibia that fled an domestic violence had it not been for Canada this women would be dead. Canada is a safe heaven for her likes.

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