I normally talk about a lot of things and forget to update you. Well as for the diet gosh its been really hard and I commend everyone for sticking to their plans. I fell off the wagon but as of tomorrow I’ll be back on the shots and taking slimquick in conjunction with chinese green tea ,yep guys if you hear I’ve been admitted to hospital don’t worry I’ve probably overdosed on the diet combo.

Secondly the story I told you about my friend and how she was confused well.she got the dude and no lie things have been hella rocky.I dont think she thought it would be this hard but she’s hanging in there. However there’s an issue with the both of them lack of transparency. What that means is they hardly call each other and none of them inform each other about their whereabouts.This is actually more common on the guy’s side. His not romantic doesn’t express his feelings and doesnt even take her anywhere. At this point my friend is seeing maybe it was a bad idea and she wants to know what to do?Should she suck it up and hope for the best or run as fast as her legs can take her??

Did I mention how much she likes the guy.He makes her laugh their chemistry is beautiful in their minds they have twins already , but like I said she doesn’t know how to relay her feelings to him and she’s also scared to be intimate with him in case he shuts her down. Gosh I wish I could help but I’m seriously not in a position to do so maybe you guys can help her??

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