Nucci to cost you a hefty $1000USD

Thank you Jesus!!! Councilwoman Chin of NY has brought up a bill to fine anyone $1000 cold gwaps for anyone purchasing fake counterfeit designer items. Ms Chin would make it a misdemeanor so on top of dishing out a 1000 bucks you’ll also have a record.. Cant wait for this bill to pass so folks can stop abusing us on Facebook with their fake loubous and Nucci bags… SMH just save up and buy real or just wait to get caught and pay 1000…Bloody Paigons why pretend to be something you aint?dont you know you are offending our eyes with those cross stitching and glue coming out the sole…You think we cant see the inside clearly says MADE AT THE BACK OF MY TRUNK”….       Wabongo mnayo enda huko Ny kujifanya mnaenda shopping mtaharishe kabisaa dola elfu moja zenu lasihivyo tutawasikia kwenye habari,”mBongo ashikwa akinununua kitu feki..haloooo mambo ndo hayaaa…

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