Zimbabwean girl in hot soup after she accidentally sends out a sex tape to her friends!!

A couple of days ago facebook was on fire with a couple of people ranting about a girl  caught in a compromising situation. See ol’ girl was trying to defend her bipolar and she sent out an email with a video proving her sanity.Little did miss thang know that the video she sent out was not of her taking a pyschological assessment but rather of her pleasuring herself.. Miss thang is heard at the end saying,”Im little naughty girl!” and I say yes you are girl shoo..

Aint nothing wrong with what she did hell pleasure all you want the one thing I always say is never ever record yourself or take pics trust me one day they’ll come back to haunt you.In Her case she actually sent   the video  in haste to prove she aint crazy. Well girl I dont know about you but I think everyone thinks otherwise now!  Snapshot from the video,

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