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Omg im in total shock a girl I used to know in Orlando Florida has been murdered by her fiance Nestor. This is really close to home Ruth used to do my hair and babysit Ethan while I lived in Orlando this is really sad she leaves four children behind.. Please domestic Abuse has to end. for more details

Rest in peace Ruth ..

**update; Its three children Im sorry for the typo.

Man responds to Lace front wig Craze

Published on April th, 2011

What is the purpose of weave? To improve your appearance, right? To look better than your natural hair? Some girls have bad hair, their heads looks like dirty tennis balls so weave is a must, I totally understand and respect that, but what I don’t understand is why you would spend money on making your head like you have a wig attached to the MIDDLE of your head. I think it’s called lace front weave. There is nothing I hate more than lace front weave! Whenever I discuss lace front, females always respond with “Beyonce has it!”Are you Beyonce? Beyonce’s costs serious money and she can afford to maintain it therefore fooling me into believe that it’s her real hair. You on the other hand have a weave that has a mind of its own; it doesn’t even look like hair, It Looks like a HELMET. Please stop doing this to yourselves ladies, lace front is not your friend!

By Keith Dube of

By the way I dont have Beyonce money but my lace fronts dont look like that and trust me I dont spend more than $200 bucks..

I’ve gave out my past vendor on the blog.them $20 dollar wigs just dont cut it..and dont think coz ur friends someone will give you her vendor forget that,,research and research more till you find a vendor you’ll love..

Top 20 cities to live in Canada..

Money Sense just did their top 180 cities to live in..Even though im not surprised Toronto was not even in the top 20 I was shocked to see Winnipeg at number 10. That city is ridden with so much crime the cops themselves are criminals. I know its hard to believe but seriously do a research for yourself..Here is the list and I swear i’m moving out of this dump..

1 Ottawa-Gatineau ON

2 Kingston ON

3 Burlington ON

4 Fredericton NB

5 Moncton NB

6 Repentigny QC

7 Brandon MB

8 Victoria BC

9 Winnipeg MB

10 Lévis QC

11 Lethbridge AB

12 London ON

13 Laval QC

14 Halifax NS

15 Newmarket ON

16 Edmonton AB

17 Peterborough On

18 Quebec QC

19 Guelph ON

20 Joliette Qc

I guess wabongo in Edmonton watakuwa na full nyodo now that their city ranked in the top 20 and we Torontonians didnt..

For a completed list visit moneysense website;


New radio show looking for Co-hosts!!

Every week I’ve decided to also add a radio show where a group of us will be having a friendly debate. Our debate obviously will be pairing the sexes against each other. I’m looking for two guys who are opinionated and arent afraid to speak their mind. Also im looking for two ladies who are the same. Its an english radio show and that means English should atleast be your fourth language.

If interested email me subject line;speakers.

This is a radio show meaning if you want to remain anonymous we will respect that. The listeners will have an opportunity to call in and either contribute their two cents or just ask questions.