My BFF graduated from college,so proud of my cookie bear.we started the party festivals the day of her ceremenoy,lunch at Moxies,then later we met up with Mykie and Muhy and shishad our way till the wee hours of the morning,boy that Shisha will mess you up!!Saturday was even more hectic endless Vodka bottles and followed by Watoos.

 so the story begins,me being sweet and cool.’dont mind the cancer sticks..

 Gangster swag after a few rum and cokes and watermellon sisha..

 Sexy graduate…

 Chef Muhy shows off his gangster side,the hand near him is Mykie …

 Punk Rock,’stick it to the man!!!

 La Bella Mafia,dont mess with us will cut you!!lol!

 Staurday night at 6 degrees,alcohol hasnt entered my body….

 My dress is circa 2008,yes people it still fits….yaaay!!

 ahhh I love you Gugu

 mtu na ndugu yak…

 yes people,posing pictures get tiring,us being goofy….


More pics when Gugu sends them too…..


‘fremoters” nice isn’t it?,well it simply means a promoter who befriends you for the sole purposes of using you as just another filler in his club. Fremoters will say anything to get you to attend their parties.Fremoter wont call you during the week  however closer to the weekends expect  nothing less than 20 texts about the club. These people are so selfish if you don’t attend their parties they get mad at you..Like seriously cant I be sick?Matter fact was I born in the club you expect me to be there like you paying for transportation,food and alcohol. A fremoter will talk about you behind your back and tell you how people are talking about you…..Never trust these kinds of people their leeches and do nothing for you or society.Life expectancy for these rats is probably 40 rest assured even at that age they in denial and party hard their defense rather justification is 40 is the new 20..Niggah puhleaze you is not Jay Z. Seriously im now saying this publicly if you know you a fremoter,freeloader,bullshitter don’t tag me ,don’t text me I would rather stay at home and samba in my room than be in your presence…

thank you

Dutchess lastman standing party

weekend I celebrated my bday even though I got burn I had fun with the people I consider not only friends but family…We kicked off my party at Suya where Mykie finished Suya in 5 minutes lol!!wabongo wamekuwa Addicted to Naija mishkaki..After we met more people and proceeded to the Vue..Here is what happened next….



New Hair do

Hey everyone sorry for the silence , I have no excuses so with that lets move forward ,my birthday is coming up soon.This whole week I’ve been hanging around my favorite people.Its been one hell of a week from chilling at Chilli’s to cruising in a drop top BMW in the Yorkville area.I dont know what I have instore for me today..

Pictures after the break..

New Hair do courtesy of the royal Hair Salon