Tanzanian window washer making a six figure income

I have to borrow U-turn’s famous words Mtasonyajeeeee”meaning kissing your teeth. Mr Alexander Tzamburakis who appeared on CNN surprised six figure income and how these people were making it. Mr Tzamburakis was an international student in Chicago completing his bachelor and working at  bank not until his visa had expired and was forced into the real world.He explains it didnt matter how capable he was because he was illegal no one would hire him.One day he was walking in town and thinking what jobs he might do,he looked up at some windows and it came to him he’ll be a window washer …A window washer that makes 125000 a year..nice talk about a come back…

This is one of those great stories that need to be shared around the world alot of people in Africa tend to laugh at people doing jobs like nursing and driving trucks in America and elsewhere they call these people wabeba boxsi factory workers,toilet cleaners etc etc..urmm at this point I would rather be a window washer banking a six figure salary than stay at my white man’s sugar daddy’s house,or my parents house hustlng men for money or working where an interview wasnt required because Daddy is a big person in the country…HIGH FIVE TO ALL WABEBA BOXSI WANAKULA HELA MTASONYAJEEE NYIE MLIOKWEPO NYUMBANI NA CL ZENU????


to be or not to be???

Hey everyone how was your weekend?,I went to the AEAWARDS pre -nominee party unfortunately Miss Thang is such a late comer when I got there most of the nominees were gone…Btw I’m presenting an award that night and im freaking out**pulls the little bit of hair off her head**I’ve never been this under pressure since Zim Indy 2010..S/O to Brenda K a beautiful lady who is on the commitee and also  Tanzanian check this who lived in Zimbabwe…I know small world!!So anywhooo I’m not sure what to wear long gown,short dress,dark colors something colorful,african print ,nicki minajish,or lady Gaga so far I have the shoe..

(Sorry to disappoint ya’ll its not CL) so what do you guys think?I’ve got my hair and accessories but no DRESS!!YELP!People help me out here what would you guys suggest?


Ms Sitti Mtemvu Cordially invites you 
to the first annual Dallas Eid El Fitri Experience. 
A 3 day event going down from Friday Sept 2 to Sunday Sept 4
Friday (09/02) AGGIES LOUNGE- Karibu Nite “Hello, Goodmorning” Come experience
 A sophisticated and classy pinnacle 
night set as the “karibu nite” Great atmosphere accompanied by 
some good music and beautiful people. 
The perfect way to begin the EXPERIENCE… 
Ladies free before 12midnite $10 after. Fellas $10 all Nite. 
Dress Code strictly enforced 
please dress to impress. Italian lounge 
sofas at the heavily decked VIP area is available for reservation. 
Please call the number on the bottom to reserve a table and bottle services…
 Doors open at 10pm party till 4am…
Aggies 9205 skillman rd ste 134 Dallas Tx 75243
Saturday (09/03) CLAYPIT – The main event “WHITE PARTY.
” I’m proud to host the night at a classy, 
high-energy, contemporary Claypit lounge which offers a warm and 
inviting ambiance. This is a strictly all white event (ladies shoes are exempted) *Anyone not wearing white=$15 * ...
Houston finest Dj Kaycee will embrace your night with the best Bongo Flava, Oldies, 
Hip-Hop, RnB, Mduara, Coupe decalle, lingala and Reggae selections. Doors open at 10pm party till dawn… Everyone gets in for $5 (yep $5) BEFORE 12pm. 
VIP and Bottle services available for reservation… 
Claypit Lounge 4460 Beltline Rd Addison Tx 75001
Sunday (09/04) OTARU LOUNGE- Kwaheri Nite
 “Nice to know ya let’s do it again” 
It’s only right to end the experience with a bang… Otaru lounge offers a unique party experience with their drink specials and a cozy atmosphere like none other… Dallas Own Dj Famol will be on the 1 n 2’s blazing some of the best African selections…EVERYONE gets in for free before 12pm….doors open at 10pm party till 2am….VIP and bottle service available for reservation…
Asanteni sana and karibuni wote DALLAS….I promise you will enjoy the experience…..
Truly SITTI MTEMVU For VIP and Bottle Service please contact (469) 254-0897 // (469) 464-8031

Its Official Biblos and Dj Cndo for Eclipse Party

Lord have mercy I ‘ve been so consumed with the Awards I forgot to pick out an outfit for Sept 4th Eclipse Party @ sUITE 106  which is also Mr Moonraiser,Tk Smoothe’s Bday party..He just confirmed last night that the two South African guest are Biblos and Dj Cndo..Ehh,can I imagine how that Place will be packed tickets are currently  ON SALE for $20 but will be going up so get your before they do, CONTACT TK SMOOTHE @ 4168322205 or search Facebook for TK SMOOTHE you can also go under my EVENTS tab and the flyer has all the details..

Its the weekend and im heading to Edmonton,Daddy Dutchess will be in Canada ,im bidding you all a happy weekend and im leaving you with two tracks from Biblos and Dj Cndo




African Entertainment Awards<My Pick

So not only am I bored but I have nothing better to do with my life..At this present moment..I’ve decided to pair MY favorite pics against the other nominees and you guys can log onto the site and vote for your Favorite..Dont you think thats a bright idea?”I think it is….Well then let the voting begin…

Life of the Party:

Mc Bonde

OR Bee[insert last name ]

To vote for Mc Bonde Or BEE [INSERT LAST NAME HERE]please visit http://aeawards.ca/vote.htm and their category is under Life of the party… Just ask yourself before you vote who’s party would be more exciting and how many have you attended?

Deejay of the year…Mhh such a tricky one..well,well I think I have more than two on this one..

Deejay Dlimit


DJ TK SMOOTHE.’MR MoonRaiser”                                                                                        

To vote once again enter http://aeawards.ca/vote.htm and choose your best deejay….

Promoter and Fremoter of the Year:

Anthony Panache of Panache Entertainment(Panash in frenchie)

Bless Entertainment(bbm Happy dance)

To vote for the Best African Promoter enter here http://aeawards.ca/vote.htm and do your thing..

Best Restaurant:

Suya Spot


There’s plenty other categories but honestly too many to  mention,maybe next year again,”*mhh this sounds all too familiar?” Oh well enter http://aeawards.ca/vote.htm and vote vote vote the last day is August 31st.. Tickets are available normal people is $30 dollars and VIPS  is $50.00 contact your nearest deejay,fremoter,promoter or check the website…http://aeawards.ca/vote.htm    

Incase you wondering what *Fremoter* means check out my archives on the topic Fremoter and it will shed some light on the title.




Janet Dolce’s open letter to Namibians….

I thought this article was beautiful and I had to feature it.. I got so much backlash from people when I had posted the article on Namibians..For the record I have Namibians friends that I respect and appreaciate and theres others I wonder which part of the world they come from.. I think people need to reexamine their priorities and slow down this city will swallow you alive…

A Fallen paradise,or was it ever?

howdy cupcakes!

Growing up i always secretly blamed my mother for depriving me of my childhood, i wasn’t allowed to play outside, get to make new friends or just enjoy playing in the sand as a kid. I was like a little doll, always protected from the outside world by being kept inside the house, i used to think this was done because i am the last born of my siblings, but with what i have been seeing hearing and even somewhat part of, i wish days had gone back to when i was prevented from seeing the “real world”.

Ill never stop being grateful for being blessed enough to travel to Canada, live here on my own  safely, make decisions wisely and solely positive to me, making some  of my dreams come true and still having the ambition to continue working hard to fulfilling those that i haven’t yet. Canada is truely a safe haven, a home away from home, i guess because of its culture diversity we all somewhat still feel like we in a different africa, its a good thing to feel close to home SOMETIMES.

Sad thing is where i grew up; Namibia, i have never witnessed the selfishness and ruthlessness people can be. I cant seem to understand if the attitude my fellow Namibians have here in Toronto comes with comfortability the country offers or is it plain never – mindedness?

I had to live my country to witness how vile and careless we can be towards one another.We all left our homes to come fight in this “concrete jungle” to better ourselves look for greener pastures, but by the looks of things most of us have for gotten our plights!

Suddenly Namibia is talk of the town, people of other nationalities have nothing but complaints of disbelief in how we choose to live our lifestyles. In the african community here we are the minority but our existence here is like a joke. Isn’t it embarrassing as a women trying to mingle and make networks for ourselves and have to mention you are Namibian and have people not take you seriously because they (especially men) think: ” well you are intelligent, but how about i buy you a beer and go back to your place” why: because they think Namibian girls are all about beer and sex, and talk about a cheapskate because yes i will say it majority of those jerks are married that is why they will not take you to their “shacks”.

Also im sure we did not cross oceans to stay in our apartments drinking like the LCBO was closing the next day, thus causing all the fakery one can think up in this world, hypocracy on a level that redefines the word HYPOCRITE itself. The way things are going on in our community i think an orgy needs to be organised so we can all do what we need to do without being judged the way we already do. That would be a safer option because the way we share partners is crazy, not too mention how our men are in and out of jail because of domestic violence, and after the orgy how about we organize a boxing match for the women so they wring one another’s throats for messing with the others “man” whom is not yours to begin with *smh* & than the ” victim” goes around and hooks up with her best male friend why, for revenge? (only lord knows)

Last but not least, we have not been in this country for more than 4years yet. To see the stats on the HIV/AIDS we hold this early in our stay is beyond shocking. Than i think to myself but why do we do this one another? do we really want to go back home one day say ” im from canada” REAALLY NO SHIT! (excuse my french) Just when will this stop?

I love my people and where we are from and what we could represent and will always defend us to whom ever belittles us when i know they are wrong, but it gets a little hard to do when you are one against the world. We are all strong individuals, all very hardworking, and ambitious (it just needs to be found again) we need to redeem our image here and even if you now say ” what do you care what other people think” yeah i have a choice to care because one persons actions effects us all!

Say whatever needs to be said, that im slandering and exposing dirty laundry in public, but express your frustrations whichever way you see fit but i will keep singing this song until even just a little change occurs. Than again Namibians are known to be hard-headed so one person seeing a problem and requesting for atleast decency is like squeezing water out of a stone.

i still do got love for all of you though.

check out http://janetdolce.wordpress.com/  very interesting blog might I add…


Lets help those who are less Fortunate..

When I saw this I knew I wasnt going to miss it for the world..I’ve been thinking of ways to help people who are affected by the drought..Its a gOod thing TRON-O is full of members who are educated,talented and philanthropist.. Britta girl I’ll be there making as much noise as I can to support the cause.. Here is a bit from the organizers:The drought crisis in East Africa has reached a catastrophic scope. It is the worst of its kind in more than 60 years. It has affected and is still affecting all Africans and those interested in African affairs in one way or the other. The African and African Studies Students Association at York University, Toronto, Canada has decided to host a charitable fundraising event towards the drought relief initiative.

Please Join us for an eventful night full of activities to embrace African Culture, Delicacies, most importantly educational discussions and fundraising for a great cause.

Let us all extend a helping hand to all those in need. As the theme states; “The power of your dollar to save a life”

Entry Fee $15
Raffle Ticket: $5. Stay tuned for the prize being benefitted from the raffle ticket. We assure you it will be a worthwhile one:)

                                                                                                                                                                      ******CLICK THE FLYER ITS IN PDF FORMAT****

OR GO TO FACEBOOKhttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=147112735372998&notif_t=event_invite       FOR FULL DETAILS

Dutchess for Amoize Magazine

I see my plate is getting fuller by the day..(not complaining,just showing off). Unless I have some serious writer’s block or my internet is down I love writing. Once my fingers are on the keys I don’t stop whether it doesn’t make sense at the time once I edit it makes sense. Anywhoo back to the topic at hand ,I’ll be doing the Coffee Talk section on Amoize.com. Amoize Magazine an online African Magazine at the moment features stories,experiences ,fashion and current affairs all written by Africans like me…How cool??

So from now I have to handle two websites Amoize and Dutchess and I promise I will share my time equally..

Check out http://amoize.com/coffee%20talk.html  the link Enjoy!

Ladies lets be real we all want to be BEYONCE!!

Ladies let’s be real, don’t we all wish we were Beyoncé ?I’m not only talking about her fame and her husband who reminds us of chewbaca (don’t mind the spelling) or the millions of dollars she’s swimming in..Nuh ,ladies I’m talking about her body ,her sex appeal and her skin tone*lol!,just threw that one in for more backlash I’ll get after posting this..

But seriously I see big girls talking about they sexy and celebs now are embracing their big sizes.”hold on,who??Didnt Jill Scott lose the pounds and Jennifer Hudson is nearing a size zero,Raven Symone couldn’t wait till she turned legal so she could get her some gastric bypass..So please tell me who in the world is embracing their size?

I’m sick and tired of big girls pretending being fat is the in thing ,nah big B*** why you wearing corsets and sphanx to hide your rolls of fat?why cant you parade in two piece swimsuit if being big is the in thing? Quit,stop I’ve accepted and when I’m tired of being passed on by cute slender guys then my big a** will lose weight till then you don’t hear me trying to make myself feel better..

I had to get this out of my chest coz im sick of this girls hell Monique made herself feel better by dissing skinny chicks but when she was done she took her fat ass to the Gym and started shedding them pounds. I’m telling you aint nothing sexy about big girls and when a guy tells you he finds you sexy his just trying to have sex with you anyway he pleases without fearing that another nigga will grab you from him…My advice drop that KFC in your hands and get you a Beyonce body then tell me if you wont appreciate the attention you getting from hot sexy guys..Honey Personality don’t feed no one and don’t get you laid..Please and Thank you….