Mr Darlington a.k.a Benjamin…..Keep my name out your mouth…

So Mr Darlington I heard everything you said yesterday..its so cute how you defend yourself when you trying to play games with African Chicks..Mr Darlington please keep my sweet name out your mouth coz really Toronto aint big enough and everyone knows this is my city…Mr Darlington it dont matter what you say no one believes you ..remember its your ass that was reported for sexual harrasment..I dont think you want to open this can of worms,ask your so called friend that you went and told shit to he knows me and if you think he spanked me ….well then…there was spanking alright but a different kind of spanking*wink something your dusty ass aint getting….So you were asking around for me?Did you need something?Why you so interested in me Mr Darlington?Do you secretly wank at my pictures and my name?Mr Darlington this is a warning  DONT FUCK WITH ME!!!

Ladies and Our Plan B guy!

Ladies I know I’m not the only one who has a plan B guy,when all the other guys you pursuing fails and you’ve hit that age you decide to settle for your plan B. Most of you have probably questioned a lot of women why they decided to get married to that one ugly guy yet they had good looking guys in the past. From my experience when 40 is fast approaching and all your peers are getting married the pressure starts to build and you in a rush to follow your friends. But what if by the time you ready to settle your plan B went and got his plan B, what happens then? Why do we women get upset when guys park us for years before they ready to settle yet we don’t realize that’s the exact thing we doing?,ladies all of you will agree we have this one guy who is so sweet to us and caring and quiet and faithful yet we turn him into our bff and park him for years with the excuse of “his my really good friend!”So why does it hurt when he suddenly gets himself a bride?With age comes wisdom with that wisdom its sad that I too have parked quite a few guys and chased after toads that made me cry. slowly I’m starting to notice all my plan B’s are getting off the single train. Let me tell you its got me scared wondering when I do hit my 30’s what am I goin to do?

Nigerian Man Busted!!

Seriously men need to quit thinking they smart!So there’s this Nigerian Guy by the name Darlington,Benjamin and whatever else he uses.His tall handsome might I add and speaks with cross breed of an English and African accent. Very charming well put together guy,let’s just say this guy goes around the community hitting on girls and before he knows you he makes it a point to send a picture of himself naked with a very long “hoohah”*actually the picture is probably a picture of Mandingo taken somewhere off the internet!The guy is apparently Married and is also having multiple relationships,at this point we have to warn ya’ll because we don’t know what this guy could have and why he changes his name and sends out explicit pictures!Ladies you have been warned be very careful matter fact if it happens call Police!

Gemini’s exposed!!

Most of you find it hard to understand my actions and how outspoken I am. I’ve taken the liberty to put a few things down explaining my personality and so forth! I am a true Gemini!!

First Impressions

The very first thing to be noticed about a Gemini is their versatility in communication and know-it-all impression. They appear to have knowledge of each and every subject and whatever the other person likes to discuss, they move with the flow. This trait makes them very popular and earns them a lot of friends easily.

A Gemini personality is very adaptable to the environment and can adjust easily in any situation and gathering. Mostly they are quite witty and clever, and enjoy intellectual discussions more than most.

These people are mostly very quick in their actions and thoughts, and thus unable to concentrate on a specific matter for long. Their points of interest swing continuously and make them lacking in specialized knowledge of a particular topic.

They are very good at initiating different projects but soon they lose their interest and move to a next idea. Therefore, most of their projects and ideas remain unfinished. “Restlessness of thoughts” is a keyword to truly describe this trait of Geminian people.

A Gemini personality enjoys the light and happy side of life and takes things very lightly. This trait provides them a lot of friends, because people enjoy being around them and forgetting their miseries and problems for a time being. However, this tendency of taking every thing lightly deprives them of those friends and relations, which require emotional support and understanding of deeper issues of life.

One of the negative traits of a Gemini personality is to shirk responsibility. They wish that everything go smooth and fine without investing personal efforts. It makes them worried about their upcoming responsibilities and they emotionally feel stressed out, even before the starting of the work.
Gemini Personality Likes

Independence of movement and actions is the first demand of a typical Gemini personality. They very much like to freely move from here to there and do not like physical or psychological restrictions.

Therefore, travelling to different places and countries is their most dreamed wish. Because they love talking and communicating, and exposure to different cultures and customs provides them enough mental stimulation to be happy and cheerful.

A Gemini personality likes to hold long calls on the telephone and gossiping with like-minded people. They are very witty and clever and can get to the bottom of everything very easily. This makes them a somewhat diplomatic person who likes to trick others.

They love acquiring new knowledge and reading different books and magazines is their most favourite pastime. However, because they like to do several things at once and their span of attention is shorter, they can not read anything for long and take breaks very often.

Their hobbies are mostly included of light sports e.g. table tennis, pool and bowling, long drives, reading news and magazines, solving crosswords and puzzles, participating in public events, dancing, learning new languages and creating drawings and paintings.

They are often attracted to yellow and green colors, morning glory and roses, stylish clothing, heavy perfumes, cheerful and lavish life styles and happy people.

Gemini Personality Dislikes

The Gemini highly dislikes those who always bring a long list of complains. Those people who are always sad and complaining are not welcomed by a Gemini personality. Therefore, it is best to not to share your grievances with a Gemini very often.

These people don’t like a well-disciplined routine and life. They are mostly rough and tough and don’t like a regimented lifestyle. If you want to keep a Gemini happy, never compel them to keep everything in a perfect order.

A Gemini gets nervous and angry if he/she is not told what is going on in their environment. They feel annoyed if they discover that things are being kept secret from them. Because they are very curious by nature, it is necessary to satisfy their curiosity to help keep them happy and peaceful.

The Gemini personality dislikes waiting for others. It is very difficult for them to stand and wait for someone, therefore it is best to always allow them to do some physical activity rather than to stand and wait.

It is also essential to note that these people do not like to waste time. Whether in a public ceremony, a private conversation, taking a course or hanging out with friends, they don’t like to waste their time. If they feel like that their time is being wasted, they quickly remove themselves from those situations and people.

Not to be surprised that a typical Gemini personality does not like to concentrate on one thing for a long time. They hate fixed ideas and principles and very much hesitate to make irrevocable commitments. It is important to note that failure and being defeated is something which truly upsets a Gemini person very seriously.

Employment And Career Horoscope

Gemini’s work best in those occupations and professions where interaction with different people is possible. They have a natural tendency to quickly deal with the emergencies and can be found of great help and assistance for the needy ones.

However, they need variety of tasks and repeating same things again and again are not liked by them. They are enthusiastic and dynamic and love to get a same sort of work.

A Gemini personality is best suited to those careers which involve selling, public relations, marketing, teaching, information management and showbiz. Surprisingly, these people are also found to be very good financiers and chartered accountants.

Financial Management

Gemini’s are very good at managing money and because they love to be successful in every field, finance is no exception. However, these people often find it difficult to differentiate between needs and desires and therefore, end up with no money left for the rainy days.

It is good for a Gemini to learn the difference between pleasures and practicalities, which can significantly help keep them a sound grip over their finances.

Gemini Love Life Horoscope

A Gemini personality is very loving and loveable. For them, Love is a passionate ideal which can only be achieved with a soul mate. However, in order to find the particular soul mate, Geminians mostly pass through a list of flirts and frequent affairs.

In a typical love relationship, the Gemini personality will be overwhelmed by confusing emotions. They would appear cool and distant and need a rational understanding of their love.

They are very good at repressing very strong emotions and this trait may upset their loved one. Gemini’s find it very hard to express their love and care through words, and this thing may foster several misunderstandings.

A Gemini personality expects from its partner that he/she would understand his/her emotions without having them to tell it verbally. Moreover, they don’t like to be doubted and want their partner to have complete faith upon them.

However, because Gemini’s love to flirt, it’s better for their loved ones to not to take their love affairs seriously. Rather, showing a complete trust over a Gemini partner helps keep a fruitful and longer relationship.

*so that’s me pretty much ,other Gemini’s are Panash*(panache)VOA mcbonde, Spinalong,Angelina Jolie,Mike Myers,Anna Kornikova,Wayne Brady,Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman as you can see all these people are in the art field they constantly around people I don’t know of any lonely Gemini’s…

The violence has to stop!!

Seriously its a new year and that means all the unhealthy habits we leave behind. One bad habit is violence, I don’t get why everything has to be resolved with fists! Seriously what if you kill someone then what? Men stop using girls as your punching bag and then claim you love them! Bullshit from experience any guy that puts his hands on you doesn’t love you he just wants to own you like a slave. Africans we weren’t raise to condone violence and abuse so please don’t get upset when someone dials 911 and gets the aggressor arrested! I dealt with so much backlash when I went to Report Mr X can’t mention names as we are still going to court for it! The same people who were upset didn’t bother to control their friend as he was attempting to leave me dead. Don’t let anyone men or women lay hands on you 2012 promise yourself if it happens call 911 and have the person arrested! As for me don’t even think about I have Detective Mesuda on speed dial…


Have you ever wanted to just Expose a dead beat person,a serial cheater ,a womanizer,gold Diggers and dirt bags well then I’m thinking of letting everyone have the opportunity of exposing these people on here!Send me an email with the story and I’ll gladly post it up!this applies to people in Toronto only! Email

someone help me?

So I have a question for you guys and I need everyone’s input. You meet a guy or girl and every time you out the person magically doesn’t have their wallet or cash and you having to pay for their bill! Secondly the person makes you pay for their friend aswell,seriously how should the one who’s having to pay feel?Are they being used? My thing is everyone should pay for their own shit after all money is hard to come by and you can’t have someone thinking you bank of Montreal! A relationship is something you both come into its not fair when one starts to resent the other because they constantly feel used to men and women who do that seriously it aint cool don’t take anyone for ride and play with their kindness shit like that can get you killed straight up! Any way that’s my take please put in your two cents!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!been gone for minute but I’m back with a vengeance!! Yesterday I celebrated my New Year with friends and family thanks Mati for inviting us into your home!For some of us friends have become family living abroad far from family you appreciate when friends adopt you into their family!I missed my family so much being the only one in Canada aint easy! Any who thanks to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy New year,I wish you guys all the best aswell!!