After putting on facebook that he was the sole owner of Star Money Movement and putting his employees Flowz has been put to shame. As of today Star Money Movement is LEGALLY OWNED BY MC STREETZ! Ouch taking about embarrassment poor Dj Flow has been humiliated once more. I guess you fight hard and win big.CONGRATS TO MC STREETZ. Please let us know when you’ve come up with your DREAM TEAM!

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Refugee Claimants and being H.I.V

I hear alot of people lying about their status especially in the African community. For most of us we came into the country and applied for Refugee Protection. For whatever reason you provided once you where accepted you were required to do your medical examination which includes T.B ,H.I.V and so many other things.  Once everything is good you applied for your work permit and live moved on… Now when you get an individual giving you stories as to why the havent received their papers or work permit know that there’s something they not telling you.

Here is the Immigration law pertaining to people with H.I.V

Overview of Canadian Immigration Law and Policies on HIV
The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act has the following provisions on
medical inadmissibility:
Section 38. (1) A foreign national is inadmissible on health grounds if their health
(a) is likely to be a danger to public health;
(b) is likely to be a danger to public safety;
(c) might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand on
health or social services.
The first two grounds of danger to public health or public safety are rarely used
against persons with HIV. This would only be likely if there is evidence the HIV
positive person is engaging in high risk behaviour that endangers other persons,
such as sharing contaminated needles or engaging in unprotected sex, and is
refusing to cooperate with public health authorities.
Most HIV positive persons are refused because of the third ground of excessive
demand on health or social services. Presently, “excessive demand” is usually
defined as exceeding $15,000 of publicly funded health care costs over the next
5 years, but the assessment time can be extended to 10 years (and costs to
$30,000), if relevant to the medical condition. Not everyone who is HIV positive
will be found medically inadmissible because of “excessive demand”. The
current guidelines for assessing HIV cases state any applicant receiving antiretroviral therapy (ARV) is inadmissible because of “excessive demand”.
Persons not on ARV are assessed according to their CD4 lymphocyte counts.

Please be careful guys there’s alot of people who were given papers even though they had H.I.V be careful you cant tell what a H.I.V patient looks like..I’ts not written on their foreheads. You might not think you affected therefore dismissing this but you’ll be surprised how that person can be connected to you…



I couldnt wait to get home and tell you guys the 411 I just received.. Your favorite Gossiper a.ka. ME  might need to employ some bodyguards because her life might actually be in danger..Anywhoo an anonymous tipper met me at our favorite water hole and told me DRAMA has happened at a Liberian Party. Mr Long Johnny  Fingers a.k.a Ouzy the God Father met up with his victim Dj Dlimit that he stole a laptop from and was caught live on VIDEO. Ouzy and Dlimit met up at the Liberian party this was their first encounter since Dj Dlimit plastered Ouzy’s video stealing or taking a laptop on video. Apparently our thief attacked Dlimit from what I hear. A scuffle occurred and Dj Dlimit enlisted the help of our favorite protectors A.k.a TORONTO POLICE. At this moment this is what I gathered from one of my fellow entertainers who wished to stay anonymous..More will follow once I get full details.. Ya’ll pray for me I guess Im next since I featured this story on here..

Ouzy tha Godfather

Our Favorite Deejay D limit


Breaking News  Entertainment duo Star Money Movement are officially beefing as of today.. I was alerted by an anonymous tipper to check  Mc Streetz’s Facebook Status..Here is what found..

Streetz is a friend of mine and I asked him to call me ,coz honestly I was confused as hell..Why he would say that about Flow who comes from Italy btw… So he let me know that his business relationship with Flow was coming to an end … He stated that he no longer wants Dj Flow in Star Money Movement that come April their business relationship would be a thing of the past…He also stated that Dj Flow had managed to get himself a few enemies Jae Baz being one of them and that Flow was bringing a bad name not only him to him but his Name that he worked so hard to build.

Mc Streetz and Dj Magic Flow of  Star Money Movement

Dj Flow also called me once he saw that I asked Mc Streetz to call me.. He also felt like his side of the story needed to be put out there.. After all we dont want basing this on one side. Dj Flow told me  point blank the reason Mc Streetz is upset, because he no longer wishes to work with him.. That he cant be forced to continue to work with Hype man Mc Streetz.. He told me that alot of people didnt want to work with Streetz that infact he  had to take money out of his pocket to put gas into Streetz car. He also said why didnt anyone let him know that Mr Streetz was a criminal and involved in dangerous activities.Another member of so called Star Money responds check here.

He said his the rightful owner of Star Money Movement and has employed Mc Streetz but after the Awilo concert his business relationship with Streetz will be a thing of the past. He said furthermore that any events he does from here on Mc Streetz and Jae Baz are banned..Mc Streetz also posted this offer on his status

Jae Baz is also feuding with Dj Flow at the present moment they have nearly given each other a beat down but always stopped by people around them.. Details on their beef is sketchy but stemmed from a naked picture Jae Baz received that was of Dj Flow..This picture was sent by a girl who was with Dj Flow but ran through by  Jae Baz… From what I learned,  The said girl was a dancer for Jae Baz but later embarked on a relationship with Jae is said Dj Flow tried to mack on the girl but she declined fearing Jae Baz. Apparently Dj Flow was persistent and kept pursuing said girl. Her relationship ended with Jae Baz and the two didnt speak for a while. The girl started talkin to Dj Flow her mission was to be a golddigger,  he got lucky and had her but she wasnt, Apparently Miss thang asked for some money and Flow refused then she revenged and sent Jae Baz the picture so he could make Dj Flow’s life a living hell. This is the current commotion that is happening in Toronto. All parties will be at the Rox tomorrow for Spoiled Rotten.

Jae Baz and Dj Flow in their good old days…




Man of the Hour: K-Money BrainChild

As some of you remember last year I had the opportunity to present an award at the First African Entertainment Awards.. Even though I wasn’t nominated*cough,cough. It was an honor presenting an award. So I thought its time we knew the man behind this I had an opportunity to ask the Man of the hour some few questions check it out..

What is your name?
My name is Ibrahim but i’m popularly known as k-money Brainchild.

How old are you 20s,30s,40s
lol my age ! im in my 20’s

Whats your zodiac sign:
I’m a Virgo

So what do you do?
I’m a full time student,part time event promoter

What made you decide to do the African Entertainment?
The hard working pple in the African Entertainment industry deserve a thank you.

(K-Money CEO Stash House ENT)

What vision did you have?

To unite Africans in the diaspora and build a positive image for Africans

What trials and tribulations were you faced with?

The pple in the African community are not responsive, they give to many excuse lo

How did it turn out?

The event was Great so pple said …we got alot of positive feed back so i’m guessing it was good.

Is there a Second one and what can we expect?

Expect the unexpected

I’ts gonna be bigger and better…we expecting over 1000 pple to attend and we have lots of surprises for our guest.

Thanks for the interview don’t forget to check out and join our facebook group to get updates on the award.

I commend K-Money for having a vision and pushing it out there despite the negativity of Africans. I’m looking forward to the 2nd Awards cant wait, just being a part of it is humbling… Good Job Mr K-Money all the best!!

Happy Puke Day!!

Once again its that time when we celebrate puke day.. The day when fakery is at its all time high. When bitches act like they got a man and shit…All social Media outlets are bombarded  with messages and pictures of ugly pink shit… I’m trying not to puk as I type this but seriously ya’ll need to hurry up so we can return to our normals schedules..Thank you…

7 habits you should steal from Men!!

I never thought in a day I would be telling ya’ll to to steal habits from Men but this might actually be very helpful to bring peace between men and women.

1. IGNORE YOUR PHONE  How often do you hear a woman complain that her man hasn’t called or texted her back for hours? Just walk through a bar and you’ll hear it a few times. But, fact is, women are more attached to their phones than men are. Men are better at being in the moment—at being in work mode all day, to the point where they don’t even check their phone on their lunch break, or at enjoying a four hour concert so much, that they don’t want to connect to the outside world. And that’s a good thing. Enjoy the moment. Stop checking your phone. Time will pass much quicker and you won’t even realize it took him four hours to get back to you

2. DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE  When it comes to relationships, don’t worry too much about where things are going. You’ll only stress yourself out because men just don’t worry as much about it as women do. So, you can either fight a constantly uphill battle of trying to drop hints about making your relationships “official”, or even about marriage, or you can sit back and enjoy the ride, like he is. Look—relationships that are meant to go somewhere, go somewhere. So don’t push it.

3. PRIORITIZE FRIEND TIME  Man time is very important to men. They make a point of having at least one day a week when they go do something with just the guys. Women are more okay with bringing their man around to what should have been “girl time”, and sometimes they neglect to have girl time at all because they get caught up in their relationship. But it’s good for you and your relationship if you completely separate yourself from your guy sometimes.

4. STICK TO YOUR HOBBIES  Same idea as prioritizing friend time, but more than just taking you away from your man for a while, sticking with your hobbies and your passions lets you remain the woman that he fell for. And, it helps you maintain a sense of individuality, as it is way too easy to suddenly wonder “who the hell am I?!” when you’ve been part of a couple for a long time.
It drives women nuts when guys do this—when he just texts at 7 asking “want to get dinner at 7:30?” Well, it drives us nuts if that is the only way he ever asks us out and he never actually plans. But, there is something to be said for spontaneity. If you want to see your guy right now, then ask him right now. Don’t feel like it’s too late, or fear you’ll feel rejected if he can’t. If he can’t, he’s just busy—that’s all. If he can, great—you don’t have to wait until your next official date.