African men in Toronto might as well get free sex change because only thing thats missing is a vagina . I’ve never seen men who talk more than women till I moved to Toronto.. They even have date nights all boys where they seat and just gossip. These bitches Pms worse than a woman they get moody,whiny and stupid.. The amount of gossip that comes out of Toronto generated from a bitch Nigga is outrageous.You think you telling your man something in confidence but his ass cant wait to go tell his fellow bitches what you just said..Seriously its such an embarrassment when our men are women and women are deprived of what they do best.Oh and by no means should one think its one nation that gossips more than the other…Nuh west,east,north and south all Gossip!

Im writing this to ask Health Canada to grant us funds so we can provide sex changes for these bitches..


Ozzy the Godfather was caught on video as he took Dj Dlimit’s laptop..Dj Dlimit has reached his boiling point because he has now put the video on facebook..clearly most of you arent aware that some of the places you frequent have camers… Oh well Ozzy reach out to Dlimit and return whats his…

Click the link to view the Video if you happen to know his whereabouts let him know to return the laptop..thanks

*UPDATE** Yesterday a well known Nigerian Artist came to me and told me that Ouzy is a well known Johny longfingers, on the day of Jae Baz’s video shoot  the artist lost his sunglasses four days later Ouzy came wearing them at the same spot where the video was done which is the place where he stole the laptop..can someone tell me AWKWARD!!

Attached is Jae Baz’s new video Winner features a bunch of Toronto entertainers and our very own Brenda K..Get it!!