Dating Etiquette!!!

I think in all my dating years I’ve learned a few things and I’m able to pass down some knowledge to women and Men!

Ladies: Remember the three month rule?Trust me it works try at least a month if your fast ass can’t wait for 3 months..But most guys are willing to work hard for a week or so .If he wants to hit it and u give it up he’ll be gone before u know it.:However if his serious he’ll stay and wait till you ready.. 🙂

Men: If you dating an array of girls why do you feel the need to have a football team of them?When you meet a girl try be yourself and’ll be surprised how women will throw themselves at you when you just honest! You have a situation that’s not going so great let the person you talking to know..let her decide if she wants to embArk down that road.

Ladies: There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with your friends Ex!I repeat nothing wrong remember you friends for a reason you probably have similar characteristics and somewhat same taste so what makes you think the both of you won’t hit it off?? Besides if you let your friend know in an adult manner it shouldn’t be a problem..Communication is Key.

Men: ya’ll need a 3 month rule. Some of you wear your emotions on your sleeves and end up being hurt. A girl that goes to church DOESN’T MEAN SHE AINT A HOE?? You think got yourself a dime piece when every opportunity she gets she cheating on you. BUT you too in love to see the fuckery. So before u get too involved with a girl learn her coz good pussy is hard to shake off!

Ladies: If a relationship aint working out and you’ve tried everything..PREGNANCY aint the solution! You can have twins for all I care if its not meant to be it will never’ll be leaving with Resentment and his cousin Unhappiness.. He’ll probably stay for The kids but as for u and him u can forget..There’s other ways to salvage a relationship dnt abduct his sperm.

Men: YOU DNT TO PLAY DADDY USE A CONDOM!!! Too much stupid guys are living with a lifetime regret coz they love how skin to skin fEels,”I hope u love how diapers smell!”There’s a wide selection of Condoms Trojan has “bare back/skin” to make it feel like you hitting it natural but with 99% percent protection. And don’t lie to women, “how you love her and want her to have your baby.” A gullible bitch will give you what you asking for!

Ladies: Suicide missions should get you a trip to a mental hospital!! So what his leaving you?”Is it the end of the world?”You thinking you”ll never get a guy that can Dick you down like he did! WRONG!! Trying to scare him with drinking pills and coMmiting suicide will nt make him change his mind..Matter fact you’ll look like a nutcase and that my friend will push him further away. Be noble dear friend,hang out with your friends after two weeks that nigga will be a thing of a past..

I could go on and on but most of you hate reading so I guess I’ll stop here for now. But feel free to chime in on the comment sections.

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