Anatomy of a Man!

Adi Saidi

Adi Saidi

My little sister pictured above is the cutest..At 17 She’s already designing clothes that are featured on the South African Runway..She wrote this next post!

What makes a man?
Anatomy? Behavior or misbehavior?
Does a person’s character define their being?
Bad, good, clean hood?
Sexist eyes will think of a man as a male,
But I tell you a man as a human,
Society should open its
Judgmental eyes and wake
To a new day, a society where race, gender age and status don’t matter
A rainbow burning with passion
Where everyday it rains
Blessings and prosperity upon our corrupted land
Truth hides, but who goes to seek it?
Let us be our brother’s keepers
Let us do what MAN was intended to do
Love thy neighbor as you love yourself
We live in a vain society
Shouldn’t we care for our brothers and sisters
In the struggle that is life?
Living is an Art,
The almighty the ARTIST
Follow his paintbrush
And indeed, you, yes you,
Will succeed
– Adi Saidi
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