Royalty Ease and Royal Links Ent

So incase you wondering who that fine boy is??His name is Royalty Ease and his “CanaNaija”»Nigerian-Canadian,up n coming promoter and emcee who just started his own entertainment company called Royal Links entertainment Group, a ‘Socialite,one of the hottest guys around the African community in Toronto.

Royalty Ease is the founder and Owner of Royal Links Entertainment Group which basically covers entertainment news, events and parties around the city of Toronto,from small private gigs to the more fancy (for lack of a better word) events,it also has models for hire,for promoting and party extras. One of the projects that he started under the group is ‘Thirsty Thursdays’ at Afrikiko that happens every Thursday,his an emcee there as well as its promoter,His also the official Mcee of LaRumba partnering up with Maadhous Ent. We wish you plenty success and I hope you bring your young blood and show these veterans how’s its done..

We Made History

We got to be part of very huge topic Trending right now. #STOPKONY2012. The girl you see on the picture is Namugenyi Nam” Kiwanuka former Much Music Vj now a freelance journalist. The show will be airing This Sunday @ 6p.m on MTV Canada.

Namugenyi “Nam” Kiwanuka and DutcheSs

“Nam,Janet and Dutchess