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We got to be part of very huge topic Trending right now. #STOPKONY2012. The girl you see on the picture is Namugenyi Nam” Kiwanuka former Much Music Vj now a freelance journalist. The show will be airing This Sunday @ 6p.m on MTV Canada.

Namugenyi “Nam” Kiwanuka and DutcheSs

“Nam,Janet and Dutchess

Lesbian Girl Responds with an Open letter to African Men!!

If most of you don’t know someone commented on the previous post(how to conduct) asking what is the name of my lesbian friend who’s like a real woman but not!”«Smh.. He went to the extent of emailing me.{Check bottom of post}.So my girl naturally responded and here is what she said…

African men in Toronto,when will they ever leave their primitive ways of thinking?after reading your forward from that Okafor man,im so disturbed.African men in Toronto are the weakest, pathetic vessels on this earth. They are insecure and weak minded. THEY ARE THREATENED BY EVERYTHING!!!…they are cowards and they are jokes to me. Why would a grown ass man,hit,flirt etc on a lesbian woman knowing full well she is in a relationship with another woman?The disrespect of it all?They have zero respect for lesbians nor their relationships and believe me they have no problem letting you know just how they feel about it, out there talking bout “how you just need a big ass cock in your life”!They base their whole existence on THEIR DICKS and SEXUAL CONQUEST. Many of them feel the bedroom is the ONLY place in the world where they are allowed to dominate.If we,women of their race begin to REJECT the very thing (their dicks) that they use to validate their manhood, they truly have nothing left in the world/
This are the very same men who lurk behind the bushes,who stalk you,who put drugs in your drinks,all in because you told him ‘No, i am a lesbian’ and as such started being viewed as a ‘sexual defect’!
I hope that this man who sent you that mail reads this and he better stay the fuck away from me ~Nessa

Are you wifey Or Pussy?

How do you keep a man? The Ratchet answer would be to give him the best ass he’s ever had. But those who think that are single and currently figuring out what dress to wear to the club this weekend. Women who have locked down men, and I’m not talking about 6 months, I’m talking years, those women brought something to the table much more powerful than good sex.

You think you’re pretty, you think you’re smart, I bet you think you’re the most interesting woman on the planet right? But how do men view you? I’m not talking about does he turn and look when you walk by, let’s go deeper than the physical bullshit girls use as a crutch. Does he think you’re smart? Does he find you interesting? Are you classy in his mind or just another basic broad he’s ran through? Take a moment to think about the last dude you were seriously involved with. What did he like most about you? If it was something like “My smile” or “The way I rode it” you have a serious problem. Are you the type of woman he can spend all day talking to and has a connection deeper than the physical attraction or are you simply Pussy? And by Pussy I mean your only value to that man is to satisfy his physical needs. Your job is to make him cum. Pussy isn’t just the hoe or the slut, it’s also the girlfriend who we have no intention of marrying or keeping around past a year. Men love pussy, but we do not marry Pussy. A man may show Pussy off to his friends. He might buy Pussy gifts. Occasionally Pussy gets to come out of the house and get treated to dinner. Pussy even gets pregnant and becomes the Baby Mama. But he NEVER EVER marries Pussy. All men see women as Pussy initially, but after a few conversations we can decide if she’s more.

Are you the type he wifes or are you just the pussy?

Does he take you out? Stop being the drive thru hoe. Yeah he’s on hard times, his pockets aren’t built like that, but guess what? That nigga has money to buy a $59.99 PS3 game; he can scrape up a few dollars to take you to a restaurant that doesn’t have pictures on the menu. Your homgirls are single and fine dining and you’re taking Wing Stop to go, you’re not winning because you have a man, you’re losing because you have a man who keeps your dumb ass on Dracula duty, buried in the crib, only coming out when it’s time to buy condoms and Dutch masters.

Have you met his family? I’m not talking about his boys at the smoke house who he chills with and you happen to tag along. Has his mother laid eyes on you? I remember sneaking this girl into my mother’s house and she caught me. I was pissed because this girl was dumb as a brick, and my mother is nosey. My mother asked how she was doing and the bitch stood there as if she were asked to name elements from the periodic table. For years she joked me about the “retarded chinky eyed girl”. If he’s feeling you, you’ll meet the people who are most important to him. Being in the car and waving “hi” or seeing someone for a minute isn’t an introduction. Stop being smuggled hoe!

What do you talk about? “We spend all night on the phone talking, we have so much in common”, Bitch please. Do you know how many hours I’ve spent on the phone with girls who I couldn’t stand? I’ve stayed up until 6am more times than I can count, and it wasn’t because the girl was interesting, it was because I wanted what she had and was putting in work. Take away the gossip, the TV show talk, and the sexual flirting; what the fuck did I talk to you about? We both like the same colors… wow. We both randomly know Chauncey the stick up boy… incredible.  Spending twenty minutes saying “Did You Miss Me” and having a back and forth on who missed who gets played. The number one question a man wants to know, “When can I see you”. Why? Because you’re Pussy and we can’t get Pussy over the phone.

Are You Jeopardy Girl or Family Feud Girl? You’re not the brightest, you can tie your shoe and put your hair into a bun, but that’s where your genius ends. Stop pretending as if you visit CNN.com before you visit mediatakeout.com.  It’s okay to be into basic shit, but be able to put together a sentence. If I say, “So why didn’t you like Black Swan” don’t come at me with, “That was some white people shit”. That’s not a movie review, that’s a woman with poor analytical skills who tuned out as soon as she realized this wasn’t a comedy. There are more important things than Chris Brown’s dick. If I wanted to date a woman with the life experience of a 17 year old I would have become a gym teacher or a stepfather. Stop being afraid to ask questions, research things you don’t understand, have a desire to be the best dressed at the party and the most interesting.

If a man won’t commit then he sees you as Pussy. You were in a relationship for 3 months, and he started acting funny… Did you really break up with him or did he sabotage the relationship after your Pussy expired? Yes, pussy has an expiration date. It expires exactly 3-4 months after we first hit it. The more you smash the faster it expires. It’s not milk, you can continue to hit pussy after it’s long expired, people are married and love hitting expired pussy, it still feels good. But it will never be at the height it was when it was considered new pussy. As a wise man once said, “There’s no pussy like new pussy, and that’s how a nigga feel”. Being extra freaky or dating during the winter months may buy you an extra two months of that new pussy smell, but that’s it. No matter If it lasts 4 months or 6 months, the man will show signs of cabin fever because you don’t have anything real that keeps him tied to you. This man didn’t suddenly become an asshole, that’s not the real reason you’re arguing after months of lovey dovey shit, he’s tired of your pussy and he’s ready to move on to the next girl because you don’t stimulate him mentally. Sure he may come back to hit it after the relationship is over, but no junkie stops cold turkey. The point is he’s now only using you for Pussy, and that reaffirms that from the jump he saw you as Pussy never wifey! There is no such thing as Marry Me Pussy. No matter how good you think your shot is, there has yet to be a vagina built that can make a man throw a ring on it. Personality, charm, charisma > Pussy. If you want to keep a man, not just have someone to roll around in the bed and eat lemon pepper strips with, look in the mirror and ask, “Would I want me?” It’s like a job interview, the strengths are obvious and often times exaggerated. The weaknesses, those are hard to figure out, it’s not because you don’t have any, it’s because we rarely take a serious look at what’s wrong with us. Other than stupidity which we can’t really cure, there are several things that hold men back from promoting women, but here are my top two,

Are You Boring: No one wants a girl who sits around saying “I’m bored”? If you’re a bored female, that means you are boring. I don’t care how pretty you are I don’t want to waste my time with a boring chick who always needs to be entertained by the most basic shit.  I’m bored my phone’s not ringing today. I’m bored nobody’s texting me. I’m bored nothing’s on TV. Guess what? I’m bored after fucking you for a month because all you do is seek attention. Your coochie may be wet, but your personality is dry! There are people that make things happen and there are people who complain that nothing’s happening. Which are you?

Are You Loyal: Yeah yeah you would never cheat physically, but who do you talk to besides him? Who do you flirt with besides him? Men know when a female has an active phonebook. Do you think he’s going to see you as more than a good time girl if you have dudes blowing up your phone? He can say, “cut every other dude off for me” but let’s be realistic, you have excuses to why you talk to these niggas, he’s your brother, he’s your best male friend, you work with him… the list goes on. If you’re not willing to let go of your backup dick then why should he upgrade you from the Pussy to the potential wifey?

If you are a girl who’s tired of the dating game and want something deeper than 9 inches and a text message, then it’s time to get serious and change the way men view you. When you go out on dates have something to say, push the conversation in directions you haven’t taken it before. Show him that you aren’t like the rest of these girls out here; make him feel as if you’re the type of woman he can raise children with… not drop children in. They say that beside every great man there is a great woman. History doesn’t remember women who could do it with no hands; they remember women who could do it with their brains. Stop Being Pussy, that’s how you keep a man.
*Courtesy of BlackGirlsAreEasy

Food For Thought:

Many Men. Truth is, many men don’t know how to treat a woman – we shatter their self-esteem in ways that are unforgivable – we lie, we cheat, and then we weasel our way back into their lives only to let them down again. Fact is, many men aren’t worth the stress, heartache, and disrespect they make a woman endure. But with that said, I’ve also come to the realization that some women inflict just as much turmoil on each other. One woman is always the first to call the other a hoe – then another woman is always the first to whisper some hurtful rumor about the next one. Its funny, some women I know hate abusive men but yet some of them are always the first to say “I don’t know what happened between them that night, but I think Rihanna deserved it”. My point to some women is simply this, don’t be so quick to throw each other under the bus because it gives some of us men an excuse to be the way we are – it validates some of our behavior and mistreatment of women when it shouldn’t – don’t be so quick to chastise the next woman – don’t be so quick to call her names, judge her life and her decisions because your ridicule only justifies and feeds into the ego of a male dominated society that already has women at a disadvantage by virtue of stereotypes and double standards. |Written By Kwapi V for more post search Kwapi Vengesayi on FaceBook or hit him up on Twitter @kwapiv


I know the title is a bit vague and needs further elaboration. I’m not here to discuss how woman should conduct themselves on a daily basis but rather when they go out or how many times they should go out.

As a teenager I remember going out with friends until the sun came out and no one would say anything. In Africa club starts popping around 2a.m and if you were the cool kids that’s the time you arrived. We danced until A. We were kicked out b. The sun is out and you can hear the commotion of public transport and street vendors.

Fast forward Toronto is over populated with Africans. I’m not just saying because I’m hating but this is the only place in the world I’ve been where if you chose never to eat at white people restaurant,or party at white clubs you could actually do it.. Hell even if you opted to learn english you could probably survive here speaking your own language.
Ontario the province I live has the strictest alcohol rules. Clubs stop selling alcohol at 2a.m and liquor stores are government owned and the latest they opened is 11pm. With that said Africans get into the club at 1 the place is packed you manage to drink 3 or 4 by 3 you’re still thirsty and the only solution is to go to after-hours owned by Africans of course.. Now that’s where the problem lies.

See it seems everyone that frequents that place is either a prostitute,cheater,drug dealer or fraudster. Apparently woman of substance shouldn’t be seen in this establishments. Actually from the African men I talk to a woman shouldn’t be out past 3 a.m when the club closes. So I’m thinking if it was ok in Africa to party till 8 a.m what changed? When did it stop being ok for a girl to party till the sun got out?

I can understand a girl who’s in a relationship she might be restricted from doing certain things and has to act accordingly but A Single Girl? Canada is the most stressful country in the world and the 6 months when we don’t have sun it can get pretty depressing so when you want to let loose you go all the way out.. But where is it written girls can’t party? Even at a house party if you pass that 3 o’clock mark then automatically you become one of those “girls”. People are so quick to judge just coz you decided you haven’t enjoyed yourself and would like to continue.

I can understand if a person is acting inappropriately and taking off her clothes or dancing hoochie then yes maybe they really shouldn’t be there but a woman who’s just chilling enjoying herself without any drama and is behaving accordingly shouldn’t be put in the same category.

Men in Toronto are very judgmental unlike their counterparts in Africa they behave so primitive more than the Monkey who’s in the jungle. African men in Africa enjoy a social life and going out and relaxing that’s why they look younger than ones here. God forbid as a woman you go out two weekends in a row already you are loose girl therefore not wifey or girlfriend material. African men here would prefer if the woman stays home cooks ,cleans and provide sex.. Of course she has to bring the bread too. I had a guy today during our conversation, Tell me I’m going out too much and as a woman I shouldn’t be out so late and women nowadays drink like men! I’ve never been so offended and when you read this I hope you know. First of all this should be directed to someone you with not a single girl. Yes going out all the time is not good and staying out late. BUT WHAT MAKES YOU THINK ITS ALL THE TIME? And have you seen me in a relationship? Do you know what happens when I’m in one? Did it dawn on you that I’m single therefore staying home is quite depressing? You’ve judged me off the two three encounters we’ve had. Have you taken the time to get to know me to see if I’m not a woman of substance? Have you seen me acting inappropriately in front of our peers?

I could seriously go on and on but I don’t want to bore ya’ll I just don’t get what African men in Toronto expect of us.. Why certain things are ok but others aren’t. Why you get a girl who has the qualities but you never home to see or enjoy those qualities. Why you complain about social me yet your girl is doing 10x more in public than what I do.. Seriously don’t judge a book by its cover because that Stephen King book you love to read the cover might not be what you think on the inside.. And the book you keep throwing away might actually be more entertaining .