Some of the pictures from the Zimbabwean Independence shouts to a Jamaican Artist Supreme for shutting the place down… Momma said if you having nothing good to say dont say anything at all..with that said just check some of the pics courtesy of

Thanks Brenda for dragging me..I owe you a few slaps.....Brenda K on left,Chilly Nam and Dutchess...All none Zimbabweans
Aging deejays Dlimit and Spinalong...
Its not about your past but your present matters the most..Mai kalea is a wonderful mother.She has proven people wrong..Kudooos girl
more Namibians....Its a conspiracy ya'll
Finally Zimbos..Artist Malo Jappa on left..He has a banging track out now!!
Teddy Staera from Edmonton
Karren Streetz(Mc Streetz lady love) and Arnez B
Mc Bonde,Supreme,Spreez Dzuki,Fame Nickels(l to r)
Janet Dolce....
Debbi Gabanna
mr and mrs Candyman

Zimbabwe is 32 today!!Happy independence..

Most people have a mixed reaction..People are happy to make 32 years of Independence but is it really free of oppression? It seems once again Mugabe wants to privatize the Independence celebrations. Tsvangirai has spoken out saying the celebrations are not only for Zanu Pf members but for all zimbabweans..

Here on our side the only way people know how to remember their independence is to get drunk cause a few fights,show off clothes and cars attained through fraud  and cheat on their spouses. Where do you ask will these festivities be taking place? Dont despair im attaching a flyer..