Bracket AfterParty @LaRumba

I didnt attend the after Party but here are the Pictures…However I do hear that one of the promoters pissed off a few people.I being one of them..Hmm lets see how long you go burning bridges,I hope you have a plane..

Mc Ebone and Bracket

Mc Ebone pictured above is one of those Mc’s that will keep you entertained through out the night..Check out his show TNV every thursday from 10pm to 2am at Ustream,search thursdaynitevibez. you can also check out their Twitter handles @McEbone_TNV, @Vast_Bracket and @Smash_Bracket.

Tina,Bless Ent and Miss Brenda K. Twitter handle @IamBrendak @BlessEnt411
MicroBell ,Big Oga from Dallas and Their Mate.. twitter handle.MicrobellentMMG

Dj Mahito,Dj MagicFlowz and Spinalong.. twitter handle DjMagicFlowz and DjSpinalong263
Dlimit…He no get Twitter..Abeg Dlimit make you get Twitter

My Twitter Handle is Dutchessoftdot Follow me and I follow back plus see the many randoms things I say too Raunchy for Facebook…

Pictures courtesy of

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