Friendly Clash or World War 3……

  • DjSpinalong DaBawse OnDecks sick playlist

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  • Mc Bonde Crazy! Dj Competition this Saturday is going to be CRAZY!!! June 23rd inside #OnTheRox 1600 Steeles Ave. West @ Dufferin

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  • Jacques K. Let the truth be

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  • Owen Dj-MagicFlowz I will confirm the truth on saturday june 23rd my bros J. K. let some ppl keep …… In the mean time outlets addresses will be posted soon for cd purchases

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  • Deejay DLimit Raptors had the best jersey, where are they now? Lol. No be jersey dey play o! Its not the jersey that plays the game, its what’s inside the jersey, no matter how colorful. Wink! wink!!

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  • Owen Dj-MagicFlowz Lol lol nuff said 3 Winning in 3 years I guess that’s not just a colorful jersey but a magic jersey “smile” against some team that has “0” on their record not even some that once won the recent award r making such noise like those that r missing either accomplishments! n I still wonder how brave “shaking head” good luck all my bros “wink wink”

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  • Deejay DLimit Ol’boy minus 2 and u hv to return one or you mail it to dj Bravado. Ask dj young jaah for bravado’s address. Wink wiink

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  • Owen Dj-MagicFlowz Lol withdraw while u still on time cuz we not here to play “adamma or porthacourt boy” a dj competition demands skills n freestyle no matter how good is ur music mix n match… It takes mostly freestyling ability n scratching abilities n some competition experiences as guess u don’t hv either so my friend my advice click on a link on youtube (Magicflowz live performances) n take some lessons u only got 5 days

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  • Deejay DLimit Lol! 42 return street, p5d 4o1 toronto canada. Within 3 days. The rightful owner

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  • Owen Dj-MagicFlowz I guess someone is jealous lol well go talk to the judges n inquire to the promoter 😉 some ppl r real figures of haterz. Click the right link to see how a real hater looks like. Food for thoughts “learn to appreciate those that innovate creates n wins n stop finding excuses n do better instead of back lashing

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  • Blessing Hairport GUYs ! GUYs !! Relax…there is enough give- aways eh! at least who cannot win TV or trophy , can win a GIFT BAG lol !!

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  • Blessing Hairport SAT june 23rd 2012 seals it all, professional judges will b in the house LIVE !!

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  • Anthony Panache Well I have decided to enter for this contest, Enough is enough. Blessing Hairport is it to late to join this competition. Let me show these Dj’s how its done

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  • DjSpinalong DaBawse OnDecks loooooool @panache

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  • AfroEnt Concepts Am just upset u forgot DJ Donet- the only Ghanaian female dj to crash it down with the big Boyz..

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    Okay….I knew this would get ugly..Cant wait for the night of…

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