Smooth Spinner Pays Tribute to MJ…..

Boston Based only Zimbabwean Video Deejay in the entire U.S pays tribute to Micheal Jackson.Its been three years since Micheal Jackson has died..Smooth Spinner said this particular mix is dear to his heart.Having grown during that era one of his influence was Micheal Jackson.

Smooth Spinner born Martin Gotora

DJ Smoothspinner was born in Harare, Zimbabwe where he grew up and spent most of his early life. He attended Churchill High School in Harare, successfully completing his A’Levels in 2000. He holds a BSc in Psychology from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.Smart and Cute and his a Deejays Ladies his also Single…*wink wink
1996-1999: Starts DJ career after witnessing an electrifying performance from Zimbabwe’s turntablist DJ Kimble Rogers. His practice sessions were held in his bedroom after purchasing basic equipment from doing odd jobs after school. He began to get gigs and piggyback off other DJ’s playing in house parties and functions popular in Zimbabwean nightlife.
2001: landed first club gig @Tony’s Nite Spot in Hre alongside DJ Gary The Glitter has guest appearances at several clubs in zim including Stars,Circus,Oblivion,Archipelago & Uptown in Gweru.

You can find him at Savanna Palace every sunday Veejaying..

Here is the link;

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