Sam Tuga gets Boo’ed at Sarkodie Concert….

Shady promoter Sam Tuga got a taste of his own medicine last week during Sarkodie Concert. The arrogant sometime delusional wanna be promoter was BOO’ED by his own fellow country men. Sarkodie a Ghanaian native bigged up Sam Tuga  he got a reaction no one was expecting the whole club roared with displeased fans.. From what I know and I’ve experienced Sam Tuga is  one person that thinks the world revolves around him.his shady and also never appreciates people that patronize him..”He was heard saying ,in who’s pocket is the money in?”but we all know the money has to go back to the people you borrowed  it from Tuga. Sam Tuga you’ve clearly left a bad taste in alot of people’s mouths but I wont delve too much into it I’ll let Lumba Cure take it from here…




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