Pictures from my new Job!!




If you guessed Radio then you absolutely right..I and Dj Dlimit are the new members of UNITY FM. Some of you who’ve read my bio then know I did work for Clouds Fm before and also CTN’s radio statio cant really remember the name I think Classic Fm..Hmmm dont quote me..We are on TWICE a week Tuesday and Wednesdays from 4-6pm Sometimes later if we having lots of fun…You can listen to Unity Fm online here is the link….


“A little briefing about the song Giri Giri is that it’s a Single off the  forth coming Album of The 44th Record’s Artist Jae Bizo also known as Jae Baz which is titled “CAVEAT EMPTOR”. and will be launched in Nigeria and Worldwide.
and the term Giri Giri was picked because we felt it was catchy and has a very important meaning to it. and Giri Giri means or I should say it’s used for a person, someone or certain group of persons who is in plain word LOUD and ROWDY or one who is impatient and wants it NOW…
But then in this song we are saying Giri Giri is not the way of Life Brother n Sister, so by taking things easy we could actually Achieve something.



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Team Shuffle is partly owned by Micheal Leina a friend of mine and Tanzanian. So lets support our fellow African doing positive things…

Local Celebs Reppin Dutchess of Toronto..

Sunday we have Suya Sunday what started as a get together on my birthday has become a ritual.Yesterday was no exception but things went differently when I gave Tdot Hunny my business card everyone obliged to take a picture with my business card..The good thing is the entertainment community is small so for most of us we’ve become like a family.I personally thank Mr Wise his a comedian very funny and wise man like his name..Mr Tee for having so much patience with me.MicroBell having my back always..Ozee,Prince K,Tdot Hunny,StoneMan and many more I didnt mention without you guys I’d be going crazy wondering if Im doing anything at all..

Here’s a few pics from Last night and once again thanks everyone…..




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