The strip club industry obviously wants to embarrass the government by proposing such a plan. It wants to garner public support against the government’s decision to ban foreign workers.

This borders on desperation. According to many reports, strip clubs are a dying business. Yet they are anxious to meet existing demand once the existing visas of foreign workers expire.

As reported by the QMI Agency’s Tom Godfrey, club owners have outlined the benefits of strip dancing in a brochure. They stress a flexible work schedule and the financial benefits of exotic dancing as a “profession.”

The pamphlet prepared by club owners warns young women they must be comfortable taking off all their clothes.

This ignores the stark reality many women seek such work simply because they are driven to it by poverty, regardless of whether they are uncomfortable about disrobing.

The recruiters say they will actually be taking stripper poles to job fairs to reassure students it can be fun to undress for money.

Really? It seems many students don’t agree.

Laugh out loud this is outrageous but then again in a country where prostitution is legal if done indoors it doesnt surprise me that Strip Club demand to be involved in Job fairs..I remember hearing stories of how strippers put themselves through college I guess now it might be a reality and not something you see in Movies.. well if we going that route lets legalize Pot and all other immoral stuff..Im just sayin…..

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