Different women bring out different things in men????

I recently got on the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta trend.I can’t say I really relate to anybody but nonetheless its great T.V. For those that don’t watch on the first episode K.Michelle poured her heart out,on how she was abused by an Industry person and he spent all her money..2million to be exact. The accused person was Memphitz who’s married to Toya Wright former wife of  Lil’ Wayne. I’m not here to give you a synopsis of the show,but its one thing K.Michelle said in an interview that got me questioning a whole lot of things. She said and I quote,”Different women bring out different things in men.”

She is referring to the fact that Toya has yet to complain to getting her a** beat by Memphitz. Seriously though is that true?Do different women bring out different things in men? I too went through the abuse it was so bad I had to move from that state..Even though me and that person talk ive asked him countless times do you hit your girlfriend and his answer is no! So what happened?,did he miraculously change?,I never make excuses for anybody so I cant say I made him hit me..Infact I wasnt rowdy or promiscuous I was a good girlfriend who supported everything my man did..but the mere fact that men would look at me bothered him..I would get slapped for someone else saying hie to me..

I truly and honestly think men know who to mess with..if you submissive that’s when they think they can get away with anything.the reason why Memphitz hasnt slapped the shit outta Toya is because his  unemployed and she’s the bread winner..No one wants to mess with someone who puts food on their table. K.Michelle treated Memphitz like eggs no wonder he spent all her money and still beat her up.Im just confused so I need someone to break it down to me..on a serious note..”DO DIFFERENT WOMEN BRING OUT DIFFERENT THINGS IN MEN?

*Love and Hip Hop Atl airs every Monday on VH1 or check out Mopvideo.com

5 thoughts on “Different women bring out different things in men????

  1. bottom line you teach people how to treat you. Women often assume that men magically already know what they deserve, no you need to spell it out and dictate your terms what you are or aren’t about from the get go,otherwise he will set the boundaries.If he uses abusive language for example, you need to nip it in the bud on day ONE, don’t just play along to see how far he will take it, because by the time he woops your ass you are already conditioned to accepting B.S. And when that happens you are screwed because your views on what a good relationship is have altered. Notably so, that are some men that are “unteachable” those you need to stay far away from, because someone who doesn’t believe they can learn something from someone else because they are “god” and they know everything, are to be avoided as their foolishness can take you downhill.

  2. I too watch Love & Hip Hop. Secretly, I love it – only because it’s like a black soap opera, hehe. It HAS to be at least partially scripted.

    I can totally relate to your experience, dutches. I’m a passive girl that doesn’t party or roam the streets, etc., am completely supportive to my man, but I find myself being verbally and almost physically abused. Mostly because men will look at me or literally, just like you said, for a man just saying hi to me. I know my partner was involved with a very brash, aggressive woman that is totally unlike me…but their relationship lasted for almost 10 years. He and I have almost broken up and we’ve been together for 3 yrs, because I can’t tolerate the behaviour anymore. So this is where i’m confused: If she was this crazy, ignorant individual – and he said it didn’t work because of that; and I’m this soft, level-headed individual – and it’s not working. The problem I know lies a lot with him because he has a bad temper.

    Now, I would think that a woman that has mostly positive things that she’s bringing to the relationship and has her own career and is supportive and loves her man unconditionally would be the woman to treat better. But I realize now that a lot of it has to do with ego – if a man feels that the women has something over him, whether it be her financial situation, education, looks; he’s going to feel like less of a man and do things which make him feel like he has power – like the abuse.Alternatively, he’s going to take advantage and lay back and relax while she takes care of everything…he feels like a king being catered to – still reaps benefits.

    It seems that the more aggressive women get treated better. I think it could all go back to that saying that “men love bitches”. Which makes absolutely no sense to me. I think it has to do alot with the man..I don’t know..confusing. I’m rambling now. Sorry if i was all over the place, but I HAD to say something – hope it makes sense, lol!

  3. I hate that i typed out a lonnnnnnnnnng reply to this post and I hit post comment and..it was gone….ugh! 😦

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