Teamshuffle is now offering 15% off on all “Clifbar Builders 20 gram protein” 18 Assorted protein bars per box (9 chocolate and 9 Peanut butter).

Cliff bars are one of the best alternatives to a healthy snack, as it delivers about 20 Grams of protein, great as a pre or post workout meal as well as a general snack, but best of all is that all Clif bars are 100% Organic, meaning you are doing your body and your planet good by consuming it.

If you want to know more or make an order then click on the link below and follow the instructions.!home/mainPage, Make Friends, Stay fit, Stay Social.

P.S. come like us on Facebook, as we prepare for the launch of our site,
Team Shuffle is partly owned by Micheal Leina a friend of mine and Tanzanian. So lets support our fellow African doing positive things…

2 thoughts on “TEAM SHUFFLE GIVES BACK!!

  1. Thank you so much for this link. I have been eating these bars for a while now and its great to get to save money and they delivered the same day. just amazing good african brothers doing great work.

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