Yaaay!!I got a feature!!!!

I got interviewed or rather featured on Gbedu Tunez Blog.. They sighted that I play a significant role in the community and Im a symbolic figure in the African Canadian Community particularly the music scene..Aww thanks you guys for the kind words..The reason I keep blogging is for Africans in Toronto to gain their exposure whether in fashion,music or Promoting.. I do consult and offer advice to most promoters and artists. I wear so many hats in the community its insane..Now if only I got paid I’d be a millionaire but eh?!everything has its time.. I recent got hired to help out on the video of Polongo’by Kevin Itepu 1,Runs Tee and Malo. I did a photo shoot with them which went well with the help of my very pretty models I got..

Upon speaking with Kevin he let me know he hired a very famous up and coming director because of what he saw on my blog.Now if you remembered I applauded Tee Tash and his artist Dice Ailles on their video.It was a fresh of breath air and artists have now realized there’s need for concepts in their videos not just eating Suya and drinking Champagne. Tee Tash is also directing Success’s Video Biko..My my ima add the snippet here.. I’m telling you Tee knows his shit!!

Thanks once again to Gbedu and I’m attaching the post and video and songs I mentioned..




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