Intensive Care Unit..In need of Resuscitation……….

They say if walls had ears then we would be in a lot of trouble.No house is a clean house but as long as we sweep some of those things under the rug then visitors will not know whats really happening.

I’ve been spectating since Gbedu Tunez started I questioned the motive of the blog..When I saw its about artists I knew she was onto something..Especially since I deal with a lot of things It was refreshing to have a blogger just concentrating on the music aspect.

I think somehow the blog took a new direction where it was exposing indirectly about Artist’s personal business.She talked about infidelities ,financial situations,home issues.To be honest none of these things should be known to the public..Music is Music and personal is personal there should be a line where these people should be given some sort of Privacy..

Now I’m not saying the negative aspect of an Artist should not be publicized,if you happen to be caught smoking pot and someone blogs you then you cant be really upset..As an artist you have people looking up to you and wanting to be you somebody so if you do stupid shit then you being a bad ambassador.Keyword if you do Stupid shit in public I.e fighting in the club,getting stupid drunk,consuming drugs in the public..You catch my drift..

Okay back to the topic at hand. Gbedu Tunez is owned by Miss Nk a.k.a Miss Erotikar you guys know her she’s been featured on here numerous times.(attached pic below)

See she blogged about I.C.U Records’s Ozee and TMajor. It seems these two have had a few things on their chest and I guess it took one of them being on their period for shit to go down.All this took place at the Studio.Only people who saw this said scuffle was the artists that were there at the time.

Okay so lets dissect this shit..Nk if memory serves me right is part of I.C.U records, If I’m wrong please correct me. Shouldn’t members of the same group have each other’s backs?What happened to Loyalty and brotherhood and all that bullshit?! I can certainly understand T-Major’s frustration I’d be pissed too if one of our own through me under the bus and publicly embarrassed me.

It seems ICU RECORDS is in dire need of a few lessons..Sweeping shit under the rug.You guys haven’t barely made it and already all ya’ll business is out there..How is anyone supposed to take ya’ll serious if you guys are airing your own business?Where is the lesson there?I mean he who cast the first stone  shouldn’t have any sins..”you know what I mean?”*wink

Next time you  ladies at ICU RECORDS get into some sort of beef try to put it under  control in short sweep your shit under the rug and keep it moving…Family business should stay in the house not on the streets…..

4 thoughts on “Intensive Care Unit..In need of Resuscitation……….

  1. Should any of our business be hidden under the carpet that would mean that we have been deceiving out fans and friends into thinking that we are the perfect family. The important thing is that we have resolved all issues and as a unit we are stronger than ever. We are ever mindful that we are all public figures and we are all subject to public scrutiny be it good or bad. even heaven had issues at one time. As perfect as the God who we serve is that did not stop from one of his most cherished angels to be disrespectful. I have for one always been an advocate of discipline. I am proud to say that all quarrels between artist in Toronto have been resolved and we are all planning a song to show our solidarity.
    It is the business of bloggers to do their jobs and we hold no ill feeling towards the for doing just that. A blog is like a tabloid so what ever is printed or written are just opinions be it of the blogger or persons concerned. I think we should all be happy that someone took the time to remind us that we are not invincible and that we should all be careful how we conduct ourselves in public. Sweep shit under that carper I think not. I would like to commend the job of the bloggers for actually giving our artist publicity.
    As far as ICU is concerned we are doing just fine family fight but in the end we all stick together. No one is disloyal. As far as Mz NK is concerned she has been very instrumental in the ICU movement and is actually the glue that holds us all together. She is also CEO of Gbedu Tunes and what ever she prints is done within her rights as a blogger. If we feel that we cannot handle bublic scrutiny then we have no right being public figures.
    Again I would like to that everyone for supporting our artist and the ICU movement especially. I promise that great things are instore for the future.
    Dr Rad

    1. Thank you Nk we must not deceive the public..Let them know you passionately wrote this comment..I dont understand why you couldnt be vocal without hiding under anonymity while not hiding the rest of your identity i.e your ip address

  2. If you Read carefully you would see that this comment was written by Dr Rad and I have not made it Anonymous. Anyway I hope that this chapter is closed.

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