One Jujube at a time

As the title states One Jujube at a time..Jujube is candy.Sweets whatever you like to call those sugary things that kids and sometimes crazy adults like to eat..

If you my age soon approaching 30 then by now you probably haven’t achieved all you dreamed as a child,’hell you probably still trying to find a man to get married to..I know most women sing the I never wanna get married song but ya’ll know you lying….

Im at that point I’m willing to listen to a FUCKIN Self help book to get me a man and not just any many no,a provider,an honest,serious,man..See getting a guy to sleep with isn’t a problem anyone with a dick can do the job but getting that special person that understands you that completes your sentence is one thing..It will take an eternity to find that guy..

I like many thought Cinderella and her bullshit was real,no one prepared me for life’s lesson.No one said Prince Charming would have other Cinderellas or he’d be beating the shit out of you and then serenading you.

Now these damn self help book Steve Harvey and the lot tell you to hold off giving out the Jujube until 3 months..*scoffs*When Steve Harvey wrote this bullshit did he remember its 2012 and not 1968?,See I can believe back in the days men were more patient.Now you have Lil’ Wayne saying Pop that!”Its a competitive world out there.Women are giving out and their best performance to secure their position.Now you come with your bullshit of lets wait three months..Before you realize that man is gone..So what should we do?

Its impossible to understand how a man thinks..He could wine you dine you and spoil you and not touch you once but even then once you give him the jujube his gone..In another book I read it says men actually enjoy being treated like shit..Have you ever had a guy chase and you just dont like him?, EXACTLY!!Apparently men enjoy a bitch!They consistently want you to be a bitch!

Remember when your mom said “women who cook clean and never go out get married?,correct they get married but after 2-3 years that man is bored out of his mind and has a side woman. I’ve learnt if a guy liked you for who you are don’t EVER change..If you weren’t chef boyardee before don’t try and whip up some 4 course meal thinking you’ll keep him..

If that motherf#*&r don’t call you, its cool don’t bombard him with 20 something calls..However when he does call don’t immediately pick up.Take a few hours do watchu gotta do and then call him..If you have guy that always calls in the middle of night and makes you drive to his house ladies you might as well attach a DELIVERY sign on your car…If he cant come to you why bother going?If he cant spend his money to fly you why waste yours?

I’m about to try not Steve Harvey’s approach but another approach..If it works will let you know..Its do or die time..Ladies lets all try and get our man not one we gotta share with a girlfriend or a wife.Having done Mistresses I learned if his still married his never leaving his wife..A girlfriend is very replaceable not a wife so don’t fool yourselves.



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