Weekend Mania..Edo Swagger…

Yesterday I hung out with my Bff Scoopy we went to Uncle Deo’s birthday party pictures coming soon ,then to Spice Vision Concert.

Let me begin by saying our local artists should give themselves a pat on the back.They rocked the house and I mean each and every one of them brought it… Especially Malo,Ozee and Jae Baz.It was the highlight of the night, especially since no one knew that Jae Baz was in town,what a pleasant surprise.I swear to god that Sika song should have been followed by fireworks ,balloons dropping and the show is over..Lol!!

However one thing I noticed is Mr Spice Vision didn’t really get the same reaction..I expected people to be on their feet the whole night but instead he was able to get the crowd dancing on one occasion I guess when he sang a song people were familiar with.. I think we need to stop importing Artists and focus on the ones here..Lets perfect them so they too can get the recognition their counterparts get..

Enough of my ramblings I’ve attached pictures…P.s I tried to follow the Youtube gurus and dye and make a u-part wig..Let me just say damn that ish is hard as hell..It took me 24 hours to make the wig and the dye didnt even catch , though my bff loved the color it wasnt what I wanted..

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