Open Letter to Promoters from Runs Tee…..

As you all know saturday Spice Vision performed here in Toronto and local artists opened for him..Among the artists to perform was Runs Tee..I had the pleasure of meeting Runs Tee yesterday and he wasnt happy at all..You see Runs Tee complained how the organizers weren’t very friendly to them..How he had to pay for him and his date to get in the concert whilst he was performing.Also he had to buy a Vip table after his label mates and their dates were chased away from the VIP section.

Now im not sure why organizers didnt organize an exclusive seating area for the artists and their dates and also  make sure they get some sort of beverage. We have got to stop treating our local artists like crap..They do free shows to make you money the least you guys can do is give them complimentary entry,a section where they will seat and drinks..Why do promoters afford international artists a different kinda treatment.For one international artist will get more than they bargain for..Why cant we respect our local artists as well??

Now you expect these artists to give you a good performance when you treat them like crap?,A happy person is always the productive one..Shame on you promoters lets respect our local artist and as for you artists maybe its a time you guys took a stance and refused to perform..Boycott all the shows its hard to fill the void and once they release your importance good things will come…Seriously unless the producers are charging oranges and mangoes as payment its time you guys try to get the cash back, instead of investing and not getting any return..

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