Intensive Care Unit..In need of Resuscitation……….

They say if walls had ears then we would be in a lot of trouble.No house is a clean house but as long as we sweep some of those things under the rug then visitors will not know whats really happening.

I’ve been spectating since Gbedu Tunez started I questioned the motive of the blog..When I saw its about artists I knew she was onto something..Especially since I deal with a lot of things It was refreshing to have a blogger just concentrating on the music aspect.

I think somehow the blog took a new direction where it was exposing indirectly about Artist’s personal business.She talked about infidelities ,financial situations,home issues.To be honest none of these things should be known to the public..Music is Music and personal is personal there should be a line where these people should be given some sort of Privacy..

Now I’m not saying the negative aspect of an Artist should not be publicized,if you happen to be caught smoking pot and someone blogs you then you cant be really upset..As an artist you have people looking up to you and wanting to be you somebody so if you do stupid shit then you being a bad ambassador.Keyword if you do Stupid shit in public I.e fighting in the club,getting stupid drunk,consuming drugs in the public..You catch my drift..

Okay back to the topic at hand. Gbedu Tunez is owned by Miss Nk a.k.a Miss Erotikar you guys know her she’s been featured on here numerous times.(attached pic below)

See she blogged about I.C.U Records’s Ozee and TMajor. It seems these two have had a few things on their chest and I guess it took one of them being on their period for shit to go down.All this took place at the Studio.Only people who saw this said scuffle was the artists that were there at the time.

Okay so lets dissect this shit..Nk if memory serves me right is part of I.C.U records, If I’m wrong please correct me. Shouldn’t members of the same group have each other’s backs?What happened to Loyalty and brotherhood and all that bullshit?! I can certainly understand T-Major’s frustration I’d be pissed too if one of our own through me under the bus and publicly embarrassed me.

It seems ICU RECORDS is in dire need of a few lessons..Sweeping shit under the rug.You guys haven’t barely made it and already all ya’ll business is out there..How is anyone supposed to take ya’ll serious if you guys are airing your own business?Where is the lesson there?I mean he who cast the first stone  shouldn’t have any sins..”you know what I mean?”*wink

Next time you  ladies at ICU RECORDS get into some sort of beef try to put it under  control in short sweep your shit under the rug and keep it moving…Family business should stay in the house not on the streets…..

Weekend Mania

Unfortunately or fortunately whichever side you decide to be on I lost my camera battery..o_0..Yep its the most painful thing I have to go through….I met up with 44TH RECORD Habeeb on his last night in Toronto..I must say what a humble human  being, and his going places.

I’ve attached pics this post I will not bore you with my Ramblings however the next one you can bet your Life I’ll be tearing up a certain Intensive Care….

Yaaay!!I got a feature!!!!

I got interviewed or rather featured on Gbedu Tunez Blog.. They sighted that I play a significant role in the community and Im a symbolic figure in the African Canadian Community particularly the music scene..Aww thanks you guys for the kind words..The reason I keep blogging is for Africans in Toronto to gain their exposure whether in fashion,music or Promoting.. I do consult and offer advice to most promoters and artists. I wear so many hats in the community its insane..Now if only I got paid I’d be a millionaire but eh?!everything has its time.. I recent got hired to help out on the video of Polongo’by Kevin Itepu 1,Runs Tee and Malo. I did a photo shoot with them which went well with the help of my very pretty models I got..

Upon speaking with Kevin he let me know he hired a very famous up and coming director because of what he saw on my blog.Now if you remembered I applauded Tee Tash and his artist Dice Ailles on their video.It was a fresh of breath air and artists have now realized there’s need for concepts in their videos not just eating Suya and drinking Champagne. Tee Tash is also directing Success’s Video Biko..My my ima add the snippet here.. I’m telling you Tee knows his shit!!

Thanks once again to Gbedu and I’m attaching the post and video and songs I mentioned..



Le Couture Revolution x Love Leigh

You must be wondering what Le Couture Revolution is and what or who is Love Leigh..Im starting to think theres something in the water in Miami coz everyone is so passionate about what they do.Le Couture Revolution is owned by Zimbabwean Bombshell Love Leigh.Its based in Miami and she specializes in bodycon dresses,skirts clothes you normally see on  black celebs and wonder where they got it from..Yep she has them too..

You can check out the rest of her beautiful garments on her website and her facebook page

without further a due its  time to introduce you to Miss Love Leigh a.k.a Miss red bottoms.. Now I thought I had seen girls that got their red bottoms in check but ,’no this girl should be given shares if she doesnt have them already..Lol!


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