WizKid is the Baddest Boy……..

Wizkid with Natalie Nunn and Bria Myles in London…

You know what they say about fame..Little boy Wizkid decided to up his bad boy image and surround himself with Bad Girls..Literally Wizkid was seen in the company of Fourth season Bad Girl’s Club Natalie Nunn and video vixen Bria Myles. I guess if you gotta make your mark in this mainstream shit you gotta garner some bad publicity… Oh well lets hope we dont see him canoodling with Katt Stacks next…

Picture courtesy of Instagram.. Wizkidayo on IG….”BAD GYAL STILL @MISSNATALIENUNN…..



The only thing I look forward to in winter is WINTERLICIOUS. For those that don’t reside in Toronto.Restaurants in the city for two weeks give us poor people a chance to sample their gourmet meals for a fraction of the price. The prices begin from $15 all the way to $45 but don’t be fooled places like Drake Hotel will put a mandatory tip and its not 13% so you might wanna stay away from that place. I was fiending for some Cajun food . I lived in the south while I was in America and when I lived in Houston I enjoyed having Cajun food even though it originates from Louisiana*(originally from Acadia in Canada) you can still find some good places in Houston..FYI anyone from Texas reading this can ya’ll send me some damn Crayfish .I remember me and my former beau used to eat crayfish like it was going extinct..hhahaha Enough!!So I took my bestie Miss Scoopy check her blog here to BIG DADDY’S BOURBON STREET attached pics and the menu ..The service was great the staff is very nice and I didn’t feel like I was getting rushed.. The food was great everything came out at the right time I didn’t feel like we were being rushed out there.When it was time for dessert I was so stuffed I couldn’t even finish my entree so I had to pass but Gugu said the presentation was great but it didn’t taste good.So that sums up our first winterlicious experience this year .I cant wait for Saturday my taste buds say French cuisine or maybe some authentic Thai food…yummy.:)

My turban needs to go but my raccoon hair wont settle down…..
My Bestie…isn’t she lovely…..

Big Daddy’s Hurricane;blend of fruit juices and Havan Club Anejo Reserva Rum…tasted very sweet
Spank Mojo;
Oysters…I forgot the particular kind we ate but it was a Chef’s choice.
The condiments the black and red being the mildest and the one at the left being the spiciest and it was reallly hot…
Creole Mussels;Fresh East Coast Mussels sauteed with roasted garlic creole sauce.
Clam chowder with Oyster crackers and loads of clams..
Fettuccine Jambalaya;grilled chicken,chorizo sausage and shrimp in a creole cream sauce served with garlic bread…
8oz .Striploin steak with garlic redskin mashed potatoes,seasonal veggies and a red wine cracked pepper sauce.
Bourbon Street bread pudding with a side of vanilla ice cream and Bourbon sauce.

Pictures by Dutchess..please credit the owner..thanks…

Hasheem Thabeet in Toronto..Yipeee

Our only athlete that we lean on and expect him to hold the whole country on his shoulders is in Toronto……………………….Yeah my sentiments exactly…After spending money last time and having him play for a measly 8 seconds I dont think Im that excited..And besides hasnt the hype died down?Ya’ll still think his the Choosen one?Seriously though?Okay so for his followers and stans im sure you guys are going to pay to see him warm the Toronto Bench Im sure thats way more exciting that seating home and watching him through one of those local Roger’s channel….In any case we already know the fate of Raptors but maybe with the sting of luck they’ve been having they might win…Who knows who cares…*sips tea