Grey Goose Cherry Noir Launch x Thompson Hotel

Last night was amazing even though there was a Snowstorm..pshhh by 9 mother nature decided  she wanted me to attend the event. It was packed to the brim give me 2 ft wasn’t an option. it seems everyone in the fashion industry was there …I had the pleasure of networking with fashion magazine writers.fellow bloggers and an App builder, He made the LCBO app how cool is that?”

When you walked in you were handed diamonds faux of course and you used that to sample the different Cherry Noir cocktails..The drink itself is smooth but the mixtures they did in all honesty made it nasty no offense I sampled all the cocktails and settled for simple Cranberry,

Attached are pics enjoy…xoxoxo

Winterlicious; Hush Restaurant and Bar…

Remind me next time never to pick a restaurant + bar for winterlicious.. The menu was so blahh.. Worse of it all they didnt have bread..”Do they not know us black people need to eat bread in order to get somewhat full?’

The appetizer we ordered separately was the only thing we enjoyed. The salad was dry ,the chicken Parmesan was  bland.They gave me a big old pineapple and I couldnt even dig in it…Overall Horrible food at Hush Restaurant  ,Trust me will never ever eat there….


Dutchess and Scoopy
mild thai curry bowl
Parmesan chicken and fries with seasonal vegetables
Skillet cookie
signature Hush Mousse shooter
Nigerian Pepper soup from Idlove Restaurant










It pays to know the right people in Toronto.Yes your girl doesnt only mingle with the Westsiders I still have my connects from Downtown.Fashion magazine editors,boutique owners and so forth.So I got my exclusive invite to the Grey Goose Cherry noir launch event here in Toronto..Boy oh boy im so excited Im actually hitting up LolosKloset to hooks me  she has these Monochrome dresses I’ve been eyeing so hint hint miss Lolo I need the dress by Thursday.

I decided to give my blogger pals the opportunity to ride with me..One cannot indulge in luxurious stuff without enjoying it with others.. I called up Miss Janetdolce Scoopy and BreeksandHoney you can bet you will bring all angles of the launch from fashion to gossip…heres pics from the Launch in Ny with Kelly Rowland.