Itepu Of Abiriba State Opens Up..

Most of you know him as Kevin but Itepu of Abiriba state has been in the game for a while now.By now  Im sure you’ve heard of Polongo or seen the Trailer for their video.Back to Africa Crew is comprised of Marlo,Runs Tee and Itepu..Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Itepu then again we’ve been friends for ages Im always speaking to him…

Recently alot of people have had quite a few things to say about Itepu..Some say his a 50 year old artist others say its coz he has money thats why he thinks he can sing..Others have said his crew members are wild children who cannot conduct themselves without supervision. The latest was from critics who said his concert was mediocre and chaotic. Itepu was kind enough to break it down for his fans,Haters and critics..

For the record Im not 50 I just turned 40 and Uncle Snoop is 50 and still doing it so Im proud to be “50” and performing. What people dont know is Ive been performing since I was 4 years old, I would make my mom sing background while I rapped to songs on t.v in High school I performed in multiple talent shows.If you actually search Youtube you will see clips of me and Marlo rapping from 4 years ago. Most people dont even know I organized the ogogoro concert of Runs Tee and was very instrumental on his career early on. What really matters is I enjoy doing what I do Im a multi-talented  entrepreneur like Diddy im not only an artist but a business man.

I had a restaurant a few years back and yes I served pepper soup but it was mostly a lounge where people came to listen to music. Ive always ventured into entertainment ,If you remember we worked together at the Tuface concert when I had commissioned for the vip area. I know people feel like I have money thats why Im singing but its embedded in me its always been my passion to be a performer.. I heard quite a few people had something to say about the Back 2 Africa concert but they all HATERS!! Show me which concert that doesnt have chaos even when they bring international artist can you still compare it to Back 2 Africa Concert?’

One more thing people need to leave my Pikins alone!”said Itepu when asked about his wild bandmates.talented people are not normal so dont expect normalcy here,look at Elvis,Bob Marley and Michael they all had issues but were multi talented so people need to lay off us.

I would like to thank everyone who came to support us next one will be better if there was any flaws forgive us we are humans.Next project T-pain live in Toronto..



STAR MONEY MOVEMENT is once again bringing you their second annual Cameroon Independence party. Mc Streetz the founder and C.EO whos is also the mastermind behind this event wants to let you all know how live this one is going to be .. Now Im the hardest critic to please in the African Entertainment scene and let me just tell you last year’s party had me in awe ,I mean I got goosebumps and the little hair on my body was standing..”what was so different you ask,well for me its not how many people you pack but keeping to tradition .I was amazed in a nightclub they took the time to perform their national anthem and everyone sang along.. I had never experienced that.

This year is no different Cameroon Independence party will be held at Luna Ball Room smack dab in the middle of everything closer to highway,closer to public transportation and celebrations will go a little bit longer than normal which is a good thing for me.

Bottle service available; And VIP package for five is $350 plus free bottle of goose

Mr Tantoh and Star Money Movement on behalf of Dutchess Of Toronto are giving away one VIP ticket to one of my lucky readers..Yes you can be part of these celebrations as the Cameroonians make history yet again. “how do you Win the ticket you ask?,well thats simple under the comment section give me your answer and name whether a nickname or real and email address so we can contact you once we have a winner.All you have to answer is WHEN DID CAMEROON GAIN ITS INDEPENDENCE AND WHO WAS THE PRESIDENT AT THE TIME.


Also for tickets check out the flyer…

May the best man/woman Win!!!!