IM BACK…OMG ITS BEEN SO LONG..”WHY AM I WRITING IN CAPS YOU ASK?.COZ IM SO DARN HAPPY..but forreal I’ve been on a one year hiatus my mind was filled with meaningless things and that blocked me from writing..Yes even bloggers get writing block.. So dont have  news for ya’ll jesus Christ dont even know where to begin..First thing first everyone is on Instagram now dont forget to check ya’ll girl dutchessoftoronto you catch a glimpse of my life and the things that have been happening..


So update numero Uno; I finally moved out of Toronto..Boy oh boy arent I glad..Lol!! now dont get twisted im still very much informed about everything that happens in Toronto..I moved 400 Km south to a beautiful city .If you sneeze loud enough your neighbors BrokeTroit (Detroit) can actually here you…But eh?! I love my city its clean ,quiet and peaceful. Ive achieved so much in the 8 months Ive been here.”like im thinking why in the hell I was still trying to live in Toronto. Now I come I see and I live all the drama behind… Once in a while you have some clueless person trying to rope me in their drama but its always minor ish and aint nobody got time for that…

With that being said I know you my readers arent really happy with me coz I kept ya’ll out of the loop..So im gonna do a couple of posts today..Timaya in town .Nigeria Independence ..Some rumors about Timaya. ICU P Rhymes or Rhythm if you Scoopy. AE Awards and so much.. urgh let me breathe..for moment….

029 031

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