Instagram Fridays-Posts that made my day

Hey lovelies its Woza FRIDAY!! Yaay to the weekend so happy to be alive and not in debt..Lol! I managed to keep my shopping for this week to less than $500.00 ..Im addicted to shoes..Like seriously I think next month Im going to buy clothes and bags so I can  have something to wear..

I went shopping and as most of you know im on the 90 day Challenge and let me tell you if you think im quitting now ur witchdoctor must be telling you LIES!! I feel good dammit I went to the store and tried on Mediums and guess what they fit..granted one is a bit too tight but, hey?!, Will make that Bitch work!!Lol! check out the pics from below and I thank my local Winners..

Goodies from Winners…pic taken on Thursday 24 October 2013

To the lady that I soon will be putting up who Insulted me calling me a beached whale I hope you know we going to have a side by side comparison of who is the beached whale…My readers will get to see what I deal with on a day to day basis..She is not a hater but a clueless person trying to defend her very promiscuous relative..That story is for another time..But hey??,Insults is what motivates me to lose more weight now before you think Im headed to anorexicville Im going to stop at 170-size8- thats it no more coz then I dont want to have to show my A.I.D.S results on here…Enough about me here is the list of Instagrammers that made my day..

follow @todovirgo …I think this is the D’Angelo look??Correct me if Im wrong..
Footballer wive Charity Luvs wearing @loloskloset dress..Please follow Loloskloset for all your fashion tips,needs,wants and etc
@Muhydeen who is dreaming of Paris..Lol!! follow at Muhydeen our editor here at Dutchess of toronto

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